Reviews For Biology 2110-2120: Anatomy and Physiology with Doc C

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Listened to all 2013 lectures, taking notes on every class. Dr. C has a way of explaining anatomy that makes it both exciting and easy to understand. A real treat for those serious about learning.
A lot of people have mentioned that the lectures from 2011 and 2012 are unavailable to play, which is still the case, but the reviews were from 1,2,3, etc. years ago. Has anyone noticed the reviews and worked on fixing this issue? I would really like to learn from the older lectures as well.
This looks very intriguing but every episode says temporarily unavailable.
I agree with All the other reviewers. Why are most of the episodes unavailable?
Tried listening to this but the majority come up as unavailable to listen to. What’s up with that?
He is hands down the best professor I have come across. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He relates concepts and reaching to everyday experiences/life and breaks subjects down to the basics and builds them up so the concepts stay with you! I wish he could teach all my classes! I have enjoyed his 2013 lectures a lot. I am unable to access his 2011 and 2012 lectures. Is there any way I can access these lectures?
Very informative and thorough. Is it possible to make the episodes from 2012 and before available? I can’t listen to or download them.
I listened all the way through before, but why are some episodes unavailable now?


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The majority of the episodes are unavailable, which is too bad because it seems like a good course...
I LOVE the pathophysiology class, and I came here to do some review ....but the 1st 1/2 of the lectures (A&P I/semester I) don’t work. I am so bummed!!!! Back to YouTube, I guess. Boohoo. 3 Stars cause I love Dr. C and 1/2 the class lectures are better than none...
Some podcast doesn’t play...
Dr. Cizadlo presents a clear and thoughtful overview of anatomy and physiology. For example his description of kidney function and immunity provided an excellent roadmap when diving into the textbook details of their operation. I was worried that listening to the lectures as podcasts would make such a visual course difficult to understand, but he painted a very clear picture with his words.
In theory this would have been a helpful podcast if the links actually worked! Why even bother to leave it up as a searchable podcast if the content it no longer available? BOO!
The links do not work.
I know that I would love these podcasts, but I can't get hardly any of them to download! And I'm legit upset about it because I really enjoyed listening to the first couple episodes! Please fix this if you can.
I love using this to study for A & P, it's a great overview of the body. But most of the episodes won't download. I've tried on an iphone, ipad, and computer, and there seems to be something wrong. It's particularly the earlier episodes. It'd be great to get that fixed and get all of the episodes!
Is great but more than half of the content isn't available to download.
I think this biology podcast is great, because first biology is the study of life and living organisms and it is important to learn about the various functions of living organisms as they go through life. This podcast explains from basic concepts and ideas to helpful work strategies and good information.
The majority of the podcasts don't work. I know they would be great if I could listen to them though. Is there anyway to correct this?
A good number of these won't download at all.
I am giving a low rating because of technical issues with the podcast. I can't get most of the episodes to download! So disappointing.
I don't write reviews often, but I love these podcasts. Doc C is a gifted teacher. He has helped me visualize difficult concepts so I can understand them. Thank you Doc for making these available!
"Doc C" is so thoroughly interested in speaking and well-versed in A&P concepts... the result is absolutely engrossing. In addition, his use of analogy and story-telling in the podcast makes this the most digestible and USEABLE way i have ever encountered for learning the concepts. As a BSN nursing student, i have been listening to this podcast since my A&P days, but still found it useful while learning Pathophysiology. Now i have come back to it once again to help me during Med/Surg! Thanks, doc.
I'm a nursing student. My teachers don't seem to have a grip on the concepts that they're trying to teach, so they read from pieces of paper or out of the textbook, which is not helpful at all. Although there are some things in this lecture that are a little irrelevant to me, like the enzymes and particular cells, the rest is very important and useful. Doc C presents the information in a format that is so easy to follow. He has unlocked concepts that I have memorized but never really understood. Now, instead of trying to memorize things, they just make plain sense. This is awesome, please, please subscribe and take a listen. You'll be so grateful that you did!
This is the best anatomy and physiology podcast ever! This professor really knows his stuff and gives great real life examples. Just when you start to get a little "bored", he will make a funny joke to keep you engaged!
I love this guy. Truly engaging. I can easily picture in my head what he is demonstrating without being in the classroom nor seeing any visuals. These lectures are a God Send as I have little time and listen to them on my commute. His wickedly dry sense of humor is delightful and quite nice surprise. THANK YOU! Very grateful.
Helpful to hear A&P through a different prospective, it creates a more complete picture. Thanks Dr. C
I'm taking AP1 this semester & I am finding these lectures to be extremely helpful with understanding the actual function of the course content. Since I spend 8+ hours a week going to & from school, the 52 minute lectures fit perfectly into my schedule & allow me to gain some conceptual knowledge to add to the growing list of scientific terms & parts to be memorized. Even in the car, I am able to visualize what Dr. C is saying because of his real life approach to describing whatever he's lecturing about. I wish all teachers were half as good as he is with the delivery of their content... For those not on the go, this also works well as a supplement to my reading/studying time. I can always find a lecture that accompanies whatever material I may be currently learning & I can read through the book while listening to his lecture to help keep me on track & focused on the overall concept. This is an absolute must have for any student taking this course. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Dr. Cizadlo!!!! You will contribute highly to my success in this course.


This guy is excellent. Easy to listen to, good examples and explanations, thorough, he's got it all. I recommend this podcast highly.
He makes patho easy to follow and understand. He gives you a way to picture it in your head. It is going to give me a great advantage when I take the class.
I can't comment on the content of this podcast. The err's, ah's, and the background noise was so distracting, I couldn't get through either of the podcasts I downloaded. I do wish I had this resource back in school.
Great explanations, clear ideas, wonderful personality, thank you Doc C for the superb online learning experience!
Doctor C does an amazing job of really explaining physiology. I love his analogies and sound effects. Doctor Cizadlo, if you read your reviews, thanks for helping me become a better teacher (I teach A&P). Keep up the great work! I hope your students know how lucky they are.
Absolutely the best!!!
Learning is never too late... I graduated from Medical School almost 20 years ago and had apportinity to work as a Registered Nurse in Russia. I took 7 years to stay at home to raise my children and now I'm trying to go back to Nursing and challenge NCLEX-RN test in CA. I discovered for myself that without reviewing anatomy and physiology it's a waist of time to memorize terminology and deseases. It's make more sence when you can picture yourself how your body works and why. I found Dr. Cizadlo's lectures absolutly fascinating and helpful. Every lecture is full of examples and material that is easy to understand. He is trying to spark your curiousity to this subject, helps you to make visual pictures in your mind and force you to think and ponder through out the day on what you just learned. Plus I noticed lots of changes in this subject since my graduation from Medical School. I will absolutely recommend this podcast to all my nursing friends. I admire Dr. Cizadlo's teaching abilities and effort to organize this course for such a broad audience. This is great example how anatomy and physiology should be taught. By the way you can search all Dr. Cizadlo's courses here on iTunes. Enjoy them like I did! Thank you Dr. Cizadlo for your work!
If you have even the slightest interest in physiology, you have to listen to this course. What makes it so interesting is that the lecturer understands that the audience is not interested in factual details, they want to know the big picture --- how do things fit together, why are things the way they are, why are these issues stressed in the literature and those ignored. Little time is wasted on factoids, but plenty of time is given to analogies, hypotheticals, and other ways of conveying the issues of importance.
I am not even in school but enjoy listening and learning from him. What a fantastic teacher!!
I truly enjoy listening to these lectures on the go......I am a physician and find this review entertaining and excellent. Only 'once in a great while' do we get to experience a teacher of Dr. Cizadlo's character and talent. Bravo for posting these lectures!
I wish I would have found these lectures at the beginning of the semester! His lectures are full of infromation but he gives it to you in very easy to understand form. I'm now using them to review for my final!
absolutly amazing!


This is so convenient...I can listen to Doc C's lectures on the go. Very useful.