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Please bring back the college QB you had on last season. Scott brings no insight and is the definition of the square person next door. Even Brad Powers would be preferable as at least with him you get the sense he is somewhat knowledgeable and does his homework.
Bell was consistent at posting his five “Best” picks for the Circa Gold contest on his Twitter account. Until now. Why am I even wasting my time listening to these guys when he stops posting his most confident picks after an 0-4-1 week (NFL 2022 Week 5 picks). This past week (Week 6) - Twitter crickets. After research, evidently they went 2-3 in the Circa contest. Now on the ensuing Wed night pod (analysis for the coming Week 7) - NO mention of how they did LAST WEEK. Because evidently they had another losing week. In this industry now - you HAVE to be transparent on your picks. If not - it sows discontent with your target audience and comes across, at the very least, as disingenuous. You guys are better than that. But RJ Bell makes bad business decisions, from afar anyway. Be accountable for your analysis and resulting advice to your listeners. Otherwise, you merely become an 800 number tout. No more, no less. The pod has been rendered impotent at this point. There are WAY TOO MANY other solid options currently to waste time with tout-ish sites and pods. Which is exactly where this Podcast is rapidly approaching…
Please RJ you need to be on the show. AJ and Lois guy are ok. Not a show most will listen to everyday.
Starting listening years ago when it went by another name. I subscribe to very few podcasts but one other daily is Adam Carolla. Smarts want to hang with smarts and Pregame teaming up with the Aceman & his Podcast1 empire are a perfect fit. Listening to Pregame grow over the past few years has been great. The steps forward RJ & his crew have taken are amazing. Tech, talent, and content improve week after week now. Please move deep dive stuff... Definitely a great listen for anybody who’s trying turn some into more. It’s best to be well thought out & educated when it comes to buying something. Your buying a chance.....but you choose. Pregame gives you the info, advice, and raw numbers to make a better choice. The back & forth between RJ, Steve Fezzik, & Marty Holt(sadly missed over the past few weeks), and few select guests is a ++ It’s a couple hours but well worth the time. I’ve been lucky. No I haven’t ! I’ve been educated. Just a square getting sharp since week 3 this year.
A must-listen-to for all players. Very informative, entertaining. Love the host Scott who has great insight and does a great interview. Highly recommend.
They provide great insight on the games, and their free picks deliver consistantly!