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Please keep it up! This book had it all ... fantasy horror magic suspense I just I loved it. This tale keeps you engaged, wondering, and anxious to hear more. I would pay a fee for the podio book versions for the sequels to this novel. where are they? Keep it up Mr. Earl😝
The last episode was released on March 7, 2010 and three years later we are still waiting for the ending. LAME!!!
Well done Mr. Earl and Mr. Snelgrove. I thoroughly enjoyed the story.
I want so much to enjoy this but the it seems to never get to the real story. I'm on episode 8 and it's painful to listen to. They're 14! Why all the girl interaction and drama? It takes away from whatever the story is. I'll see if I can stick it out.
I absolutely loved this story. Most times i can predict what's going to happen in a story but i was completely in the dark until the end. It leaves you ready and eager for the sequel. Unfortunately, it's been on iTunes since 2008 and as of today there is still no sequel. :(
Some people will love everything except the dialogue, but take it from one who was a high school guy at one point, the dialogue is very authentic.


By Drbcru
One one the best narrators. I liked the story line and I felt their was good development of the characters. I haven't made it to the end yet but it keeps me wanting to hurry up and find out what happens next.
One of the best narrators ever on a podcast. As for the story, definitely could use a lot of work. Great background and premise. Has a tremendous amount of potential. However, if a story is to develop through dialogue, the dialogue must be believable. People don't talk like this, ever. People don't talk like this during combat, during life threatening situations, when unbelievable things happen, the list goes on. It's as if the author is forcing the characters to ignore the elephant in the room to keep the story from unfolding. I really wanted to like this podcast. The world the author created could have been amazing. But with the current dialogue, it just left me bewildered, frustrated, and thoroughly unsatisfied. To be fair, the book has so much potential that I'd give it another try if they fixed the dialogue and actually allowed the story to develop.
The book honestly seems pretty good; and the narrorator is fantastic. But, the dialog of the protagonist and other characters is horribly cheesy. A majority of the sentences start with "Dude!" and I constantly have a lingering feeling that the characters have an extraordinarily low IQ... I go to a middle school, but I have yet to hear somebody try so desperatly and fail epicly to be "hip" in my life. I'm pretty sure that if Monson was a real person he would be that kid who always follows you around making strange little comments that are supposed to be sassy and funny but end up being awkward and embarassing. But, then again I'm 12 so I'm probably not your most reliable book critic; maybe the book is an astounding feat of literature and I haven't realized it yet...
very good, long but good. I loved it.
One of the very best books I ever heard. I hope the next ones are as good. I would recommend this book to any one and have .
Great book! you never know whats going to happen next! I want a a Book 2 of The House Of Grey!!!!!!


Awesome story... I couldn't wait to get to the next episode! Nice story telling... I need more Earl books!
If you want a good fantasy audio book, go listen to Shadowmagic by John Lenahan, or anything by Philippa Ballantine. Podcastle is an excellent source of fantasy short stories. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste your time with this book. I'm pretty sure that the only reason so many people like this books is due to the excellent narration. This narrator seriously should go to work for a better author. If this was a print book, I would have given up on it after two or three pages. As it was, I listened to about 10 episodes before realizing that the only reason I kept listening was because making fun of the writing was more fun than the story itself. The descriptions are tedious, unecessary, and incredibly repetitive. The plot, while based on an interesting premise, advances so slowly that watching grass grow would be more fulfilling. The characters are incredibly shallow, often contradictory, and usually resemble caricatures more than real people. This story would be much improved if about half of it were chopped out, and the characters given more complex and convincing motivations. The author would greatly benefit from a competent editor or writing group.


The story is unpredictable and has a few cool plot twists. I like the style alot, the characters too. Narration was good, though the southern accent is horrendous. Deffinately a great story! Unfortunately, I listened to the first season of rise of the magician before this. I almost didn't even bother trying this because of how bad rise of the magician was. If you did the same thing deffinately give this a go! well worth it.
some people complain that this book is somewhat unbelievable, but what do you expect, this is a fantasy. I loved this book and would always look forward to another episode.
I would like to be nice about this story and for about 3/4 of it, I was willing to just call it a teen soap opera with episodes that were too long and some fun "powers" that normal people don't have. But, then we got to the last of the story and one has to spend one's disbelief to survive to the end. The whole of the last few epsiodes was the big fight where Monson's sexism blossoms as he tries to "protect" the girls, who really don't need protecting and who end up saving Monson more times then he ever saves them which is never and actually he has a bad habit of putting them in even more danger. Then finding out the background of Monson is like pulling teeth. Its just falls into complete craziness as the most ridiculous conversations happen in the heat of battle and the author keeps refusing to make clear what should have been made clear before the fight. And it just goes on and on and on.. I am writing this while listening to the last 1/2 of the last episode and I still can't figure out who is who and what they are or what is going on. Then there is the bad guy Gibson, where the heck did he come from? We spend most of the time assuming Baroty is the ultimate bad guy and then Gibson pops up. I suppose he could have been mentioned in the early parts of the story, but that was so long ago.... and at the end, we know nothing and I can't imagine listening to any sequels that come after this and now, as it has ended, I wish I hadn't listened to The House of Grey in the first place. I am sorry, but I just can't recommend this to anyone, so I warn you should you take the dip, be prepared for a one long swim.
Quite well written and performed. This is adolescent literature, which I still enjoy as an adult, but that should not put anyone off who enjoys a well-told story. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, and have related that to my sons.
I have listened to 100's of storys and I am sad to say, that I am quite bored with this one. The storyteller is good, I love his voice. I am only on chapter 3, on the recommendations and starts this story has, I wll continue through chapter 5. If I am not hooked by then, I guess I won't be. The mysterious premise is very interesting, but it is going nowhere. If I change my mind, I wll update my stars.
I took my mother on a road trip halfway across the country and we both enjoyed listenng to this book. Very suspenseful
Ever see great reviews others have given for a podcast, but after listening, you can't understand what they listened to? This story takes place in an interesting setting; the gloomy school for the ultra elite, which I was in the mood for, so I wanted to like it. But the main character is uninteresting, the dialogue can be dreadful and nearly every idea feels unoriginal and lifted from Japanese pop culture. The story spins its wheels. We find out something interesting, but it could take many episodes to get back to it. Why do all these kids have special abilities? And why is it presented to us that it's special, but most of the characters don't find it special that people have these special abilities? Did Monson cause the bridge to collapse, or didn't he? By the time I found out, I didn't care. The main character doesn't stay consistent from scene to scene. Is he the lonely outcast, or the smart kid who attracts the hottest girls? Somehow, both. There are signs in here that this author could eventually write something good, but this isn't it. The saving grace of this podcast is the excellent voicework. It's the only thing that made it possible for me to finish this podcast.
Can't wait for the next story. Don't make us wait too long.


By Biggg a
I just finished the story and I LOVED it. I am a podiobook veteran, and this is, hands down, one the best. Well done. Please, tell me there will be a sequel. Please!
Ok seriously. I'm not quite finished with this story (currently listening to ep 33) but this is the most amazing story I've heard in such a long time. Collin has created a fabulous world, and Chris has DEFINITELY created the characters with his fabulous voice! The characters are intriguing, the story is mysterious and I just CAN NOT stop listening!! I've abandoned ALL my other podcasts and books for this one! I love it so much!! Ok, back to the rest of the book!
Now that I have finished the book I'm sad when will Collin Earl bring back Monsin Grey and Sian Harrison.
Amazing!! Great production! Keep it up!
I loved this podio. The story rocked and was fun to follow along with Monsen and him friends. I loved the references to movies and other podio books. That made me laugh hard. Keep it up and keep the story going :)
Intriguing, deep, well rounded, and simply amazing. Everything just worked together soo well. Honestly the best story I have heard in a long time.
I love this one, couldn’t put it down for more than five minutes. Entertaining, gripping interesting, funny, exciting, happy, sad…and all in one story!! Great narration too. This is in the same class as Scott Sigler, JC Hutchins, and Nathan Lowell. Can’t wait to see more from you.


Hey Colin it's me Joe stasias bf the one with the leather jacket that wlked in at the end of you speach thingy ya wanted to say hi
This is the first audio book i have listened to in a long time and after the first chapter I was hooked. I couldn't stop listening to it. Collin Earl is by far one of the brightest writers of this age. Hopefully his book will be published soon!
This is one of the best audiobooks I have ever lsitened to. At times, I felt the episodes were too long, some are around an hour a half long. Normally, this is not a bad thing! However, I usually listen to audiobooks in the evening while I am in bed. Trying to find where I left off on the story before falling asleep was a pain. This might be a critique on the ipod's fast forward speed though.
This may be the best "first novel/podcast" I have listened to. Great story, great character development, great voice acting by the narrator... You getting the point that this is a great podcast yet? The story has a fast-moving plot and characters that you will really care about, along with alot of laugh-out-loud comedic moments. I don't give out alot of five star reviews, but The House of Grey podcast DEMANDS it! My _only_ criticism is that the story involves high school freshmen. I think the believablity factor would have been better served if they were college freshmen, especially the fight sequences and the "big picture" musings... As a truckdriver, this podcast really made the miles whiz by. This is a finished and polished podcast and the audio production will rival any audiobook you pick up at your local library. Bring on the next one!!!
A great book, a very imaginative author whose story is greatly enhanced by an expressive narrator. This book should appeal to a wide range of readers having something for everyone. Many will find the Drama and Action particularly appealing but what appealed the most to me were glimpses all along the way of a wider world and paths not yet taken.
Entertaining, absorbing, and plenty of plot twists to go around, despite way too many (although usally admitted) references and similarities to Star Wars, Dragonball Z, The Once and Future King, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more; so, tween boys will especially love this podiobook. I cringed at the couple of commercials worked into the story for the music group that starts and ends each episode, but how else could the author show his thanks? Also, this work must hold the world record for the most number of uses of the word "foreboding."
Amazing body of work. Great lengths for those of us that love long works with a good pace. There is a lot of story and great character development. The story alone crossed genre bounds at least twice. There is something for everyone. I want it in hardcover to put on my library shelves along with other favorites.
This podiobook is one of the best time sinks I've listened to. I just couldn't get anything done while I had an episode of the House of Grey to listen to.
I am completely addicted to this podcast. Like some of the other comments, I find myself neglecting my work because I am so absorbed with the story. I am greatly impressed by the insightful nature of Monson and the author's idea of an experimental history class. Despite all of these great things, I do feel as though there are two different stories going on. It is almost as if the author was going in one direction and then suddenly slammed into a mountain and switched directions. Sometimes there are to many aspects of the story that are left hanging and never resolved. Even though I have these small issues, I still love the story and the narrator.
When I first started listening to this story, I was absolutely absorbed. Now, over a year later, the story still isn't complete. I'm only waiting around to see how it ends, but honestly it has taken such a long time that I really don't care about the characters anymore. This should be a clue to any future podcasters. Do not stretch the story out for such a long time. It's disappointing and it really does not make me even the least bit interested in listening to anything else by this author
Hey, I like Bill and Ted. It adds character.
I love this story. I'm at the end but don't want it to end. Great story and narrator :)
Episode 39 can't be the ending and you are leaving us hanging. Oh please write the ending.


I've listen to alot of podiobooks this is the first one I couldn't put down. I even took my ipod to work. I will miss the boys when this is over. I hope this isn't the last we hear about Monson and his pals. I'd love to hear them grow up and graduate!
This story has a fairly unsympathetic main character. When he’s not busy sniveling, throwing tantrums, feeling sorry for himself, cringing in embarrassment, boggling in astonishment and grappling way too long with relatively simple concepts; protagonist Monson Grey falls down a lot and discovers he is the savior of all existence (or something like that. It’s hard to keep track since the tedious long-windedness of the storytelling causes one’s attention to drift frequently). It is also unfortunate that this author seems to think it is OK to swipe concepts from other fictional works as long as he has his characters cite those works by name. I will finish this book since the central concept is an interesting one, despite all the clutter surrounding it. This author could definitely become much better by cleaning things up and streamlining his concepts, which do glimmer through with clear inventiveness here and there. And having a much less whiney hero wouldn’t hurt either.
I love this podcast!! I'm addicted. I love the characters and chris really brings them to life. The plot is amazing. The only thing that bugs me is that it seems to take forever for the next one to come out!
Wow...what a great story. Wasn't expecting...well, from the description, I wasn't sure what to expect, but now totally absorbed in the story and characters. A new episode just downloaded and I can't wait to hear it. ADDED 10/31/09: NOW...OVER ONE YEAR LATER, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT WE'VE BEEN FOOLED AGAIN. AFTER A GREAT START, IT HAS RUN ON AND ON AND NO FINISH IN SIGHT. I'VE REALLY LEARNED MY LESSON THIS TIME. NEVER, NEVER START A "FREE" AUDIOBOOK UNTIL THE AUTHOR HAS COMPLETED IT!