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Why is there not any more podcasts after 2017? And why were there so few haircut before that? There should be 5 a week. The podcast is critical if you’re in a different time zone.
What happened in 2017718? You disappeared! Help, where can I find you again, I live in Vienna!
John gives us many gifts in each episode using his ‘musical superpowers’. When I see a new show come up rarely do I say “oh, this show will be amazing.” But almost always after a listen I feel as if I am a more educated listener, and indeed realize that the show was amazing. We’re all so lucky to have New Sounds in our lives!!!
This show introduces me to complex, amazing, and beautiful music from around the world that I would never otherwise be exposed to. I love it. It makes my life more wonderful. Thank you, John Schaefer.
This podcast hits the spot! It is the music podcast I have been waiting for! I hope this show lasts forever. The world should allocate significant funds and resources to keep this show floating pretty!
This is a great source for new music and world music. I love the live performances too. When I can't listen to the broadcast or stream it, I put in the ear buds. Pure pleasure . Thank you, John.
set of podcasts is very incomplete. Only about one per week, when there should be one for each day. What gives?
I have learned more about music, geography, cultures from all over the from listening to John Schaefer than I did in four years of college. His knowledge of music, muscians is freakily encyclopedic. He keeps me up way too late because his choice of themes, selections is just too damned interesting! MORE podcasts, pulleezze!
Music lovers take note. This is simply one of the best podcasts around. I'm not sure where else I would have the chance to hear a lot of the great music John shares. Highly recommended.
This is easily the best show in WNYC's line-up and is the source for half of the best loved pieces in my collection. From Sade to Gorecki to Steve Reich to gamelan and Gavin Bryars, I heard it here first. Thank you John Schaffer, thank you WNYC, thank you iTunes, but give me more, give me more! I want every night's show!


By jkgindc
A thrill to find this online at last, a rich and stimulating program I enjoyed at the end of many days while living in NYC. For those of us who've since moved, it's great to be able to tune in from afar and on our own. But it looks like there haven't been any new ones posted in over a month now!?
You sit down at your computer in silence. You need some music pronto. But what song should you pick? What kind of mood are you in? Only the perfect song will do. Fear moments like this no more. Simply play this podcast. It has new, catchy music that sets a pace and a rhythm for your day. It is simply music to my ears.