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***** Five Stars for John Henderson’s Podcast. John adds a level of professionalism that is never found in the other podcasts of this OTR. His introductions are short, spot on, well researched, and well presented—just enough to help make the episodes enjoyable without getting in the way. John has a separate podcast on Jack Benny is worth listening to. Check it out. ** Two Stars for the guy with the contrived laugh—just plain old creepy! * One Star for those hosts who insufferably ramble on saying nothing or just get in the way of an enjoyable listening of the show.
The host provides great context for each episode, and of course, the source material is fantastic!
The announcer rambles on and on before each program, I usually jump through to the program which what I am listening to the podcast for. But sometimes it's annoying to have to skip the intros of each podcast when traveling
Generally, a fantastic podcast. OTR shows, as they were broadcast, at the time of year they were broadcast. However, two flies in the ointment. First, the latest Gunsmoke/Frontier Gentleman podcast gives up after only a few minutes. I have tried several times to get a reload; the problem hasn't been corrected. Hasn't anyone noticed? Second, OTR Rob. The forced laugh. It is just torture. Fingers on the blackboard stuff. Most likely what one hears 24/7 if one winds up in hell. Please, please, and double please, just give the background of the episode without the laughter. Sugary cereal? Ad directed at parents, obviously. Gunsmoke was the antithesis of the children's western show. Also, just be happy finally got a sponser after a year of being sustained. Otherwise, Great Job All. (Well, not Stacey and Mindi. There podcast intros are silly and contrived and probably are the 24/7 soundtrack in hell in leap years.)
It would be useful if this were explained somewhere in the podcast description.
Jack Benny show is awesome. And Gunsmoke is great too. Yes Frank Cannon is radios Matt Dillon. Great voice William Conrad .
First of all, the sound quality: superb. Second - presented in their entirety with no commercial interruptions. Third - these episodes are fantastic .. definitely worth it. Thank you so much for taking the time to upload them.
Oh my goodness! I love Gordon MacRae and the Railroad Hour so much. If you love the musical sound of Showboat, Carousel, or the McDonald/Eddy movies, then these broadcasts are for you. Not a variety show - each episode has a storyline accompanied by some of the most beautiful standards of the mid-20th century. I had forgotten what a beautiful singer he was. I look forward to all of Buck's podcasts, but this one is my favorite (sorry Jack Benny - you've lost first place in my heart, but you are a very very close second)
Love the shows that are posted. Will say Buck can be really long winded, and his meandering intros can last up to twenty minutes. They especially long when he re-posts previous episodes. He'll add a commentary before the old commentary. Or if another person gives commentary, he'll put one of his own before it. So if that's not your thing, "well, jello" will be your cue too start fast forwarding. But the shows are great, and a great variety is provided.
A steady stream of wonderful Jack Benny episodes, often delivered on week of significant anniversary dates. My favorite shows on this podcast are Jack Benny, Gunsmoke and The Six Shooter.
I have been listening to podcasts for a couple of years Buck and Rob do an excellent job. I love the history before the show, I just wish we would have the same quality shows today. You both make my days better
I have been listening to the Buck Benny podcast since 2013. Solid, entertaining, and informative - this is THE way to listen to the Golden Age of Radio and Jack Benny in Mobile Tech Age. Keep up the great work!!!
I stumbled on the Jack Benny Podcast - OTR searching for something else and it turned out to be a fantastic find! "Buck Benny's" (and his guests') introductions are insightful and reminiscent. Besides Jack Benny’s show, my favorites are: Burns and Allen, The Six Shooter, Gunsmoke, and The (original) Great Gildersleeve. Please keep these coming! It takes me back to my childhood. Thanks!
This podcast is both a treasure-trove and a true labor of love by its main host and his colleagues who both provide the classic materials and introduce them personally. First of all, the audio quality is some of the best I’ve ever encountered with old radio programs online. “Buck” (our main host) clearly works diligently to find the best-quality editions available from a variety of sources, and he uses a decent-sized resolution for the audio, so it’s not riddled with the kind of digital artifacts that sometimes plague other streaming version. (One of his hosts, “OTR Rob,” sometimes seems to use much lower resolution, but “Buck” and the other hosts tend to do first-rate audio transfers). At the core of the podcast (not surprisingly) are at least three episodes a week of classic episodes of the old Jack Benny program, all corresponding to the exact same week in whatever year they were originally broadcast. Hence when it’s Christmas or New Year’s or the Fourth of July for us, those holidays are also being observed on the show. This detail of scheduling makes for an unusually rewarding experience, especially the longer you listen. And it’s important to note that these Jack Benny shows are still as vividly entertaining as they always were, achieving a truly timeless quality of comedy, especially in the decade after World War II. Since the shows are “lined up” with their time of year, that leaves the summers without Jack Benny shows, and Buck always takes the opportunity to load up the summer with a HUGE variety of other great radio programs, many of them dramas or other comedy programs from various eras. Each summer there are wonderful treasures shared. Even during the main part of the year there are plenty of non-Jack-Benny programs to listen to. In fact there’s usually SO MUCH material every week that you could never run out of something interesting to listen to. The amount of sheer entertainment content on this podcast is astonishing. Various hosts (though especially “Buck”) verbally introduce nearly every show — the presentation is very casual and personal, but there is often historical context provided or anecdotes about the actors or other considerations that influenced the shows when they were made. After a while the hosts become very familiar and seem a bit like family, so relaxed and engaging are their commentaries. But best of all, after the podcast introductions, once the original old radio program begins, it plays without interruption. There are LOTS of great choices made in the execution of this podcast, and everything about it has only improved over the near-decade it’s been in existence. So whether you choose to listen to old radio programs during a commute or on long drives, or at home, while working or before you go to sleep, alone or with friends, you’re pretty much guaranteed to always have something worthwhile and entertaining to listen to on the Buck Benny Podcast. If you love old radio programs, this is the finest podcast out there for you. If you’ve never discovered old radio programs, there’s no better place to begin your discovery process. Great shows in great audio quality, with enthusiastic and well-informed hosts introducing them — what more could you ask for?
The episodes are hilarious and the audio quality is fantastic. I really enjoy the host segments with Buck, too. Highly recommended. The episodes that highlight other shows are great too. Infinitely relistenable.
I don't mind Staci and Mindi, it's the others that will unfortunatly force me to unsubscribe. Rob's strange forced laugh and arresting sound effects makes me want to choose between flight or fight. And Buck, once I realized there are actually long intros to the long intros...I'm sorry, I just can't do it. But thanks, you guys, for getting me started. I adore Jack Benny and the crew.
I love listening to this podcast. The amount of work and effort is truly appreciated on my end. Love the intros and the background that is provided. Thank you for the work you put into this podcast.
Few things are more satisfying than to sit down and listen to Buck Benny and the gang.
The shows are great, and the sound quality excellent. The intros, however, sometimes go on for 10-15 minutes (WAY too long for a 30-45 minute podcast).
I found Buck's podcast just by looking for somewhere to hear Jack Benny. I had never heard of most of the shows he puts out, but now I enjoy them almost every day. And Buck and Rob's intros are great resources for trivia, production notes, and historical context. Just a fantastic all-around show. Thanks, Buck!
I was not born when these shows were made, but I thoroughly enjoy listening to the great stars of this era. Very enjoyable.
Love the old radio shows, hate the introductions. It’s too bad because he often has interesting information. Sadly this gentleman, despite his pronouncement that he’s a great “storyteller” is neither a storyteller nor a broadcaster nor even a communicator. He hems, haws, fumbles for words, smacks his lips and, my personal favorite, nervously, compulsively swallows. If you took a shot every time he said “uh” or “er” you’d be drunk in three minutes. Add to that the mouth-breathing and horrible microphone technique and you have an unlistenable mess. Do what I do: Fast forward through the intros (inexplicably, sometimes he has intros of his intros of his intros???) and get right to the old radio shows which are wonderful.
Stacy, or is it Mindi? Listening to one of you is like nails on a chalkboard. I guess the reason I don't know which is which, is because I fast forward to the program so I dont have to endure the preview. Sorry for getting personal, but after years of listening to Buck Benny, I barely download anything anymore, mainly because of the guest hosts.
The best commentary and archivist for old time radio podcasts is "Buck Benny". He does all the hard work of collecting the shows in one easy to find package so that we don't have to. If commentary isn't your thing, there's a fast-forward button. If commentary is your thing, he's not only the best but has a great ear for the talent of others and invites listener participation.
When i was young i had found a radio show that broadcasted otr around 8pm weekdays. Then the gulf war started and it was moved to midnight. To late for a junior high school student. Since then i had only been able to find shows here and there and i finally gave up. I recently gave across your podcast by accident doing a search for jack. Now i am playing catch up and loving every minute. I listen at work and in my car. Thanks very very much for podcasting this.
Every February, here in Chicago, we celebrate "Jack Benny Month" for a very good reason, which this more than Exellent podcast exmplifies. Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky married to the Wonderful Mary Livingstone). And such a wonderful cast of supporting characters from Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny), Phil Harris, Crooner Dennis Day, (Andy Devine as the original "Buck Benny"), Announcer Don Wilson, and SO many other Classy Players and writers/collaborators who brought to the World such comedic quality that has yet to be surpassed. This podcast also showcases the very best of the other great radio shows of the time such as Fibber McGee & Molly, Gunsmoke, Groucho Marx as well as very special programming such as extended clips of what radio reporting was like during WW2. This show is SO rich in not only broadcast history, but that of "gentler times" from which many of us have experienced. Enjoy!
If I had to say something wrong about the show the introductions are a bit to long and the sound quality is not the best
AaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH probably the most funny podcast on the Internet and buck is almost as Jack Benny himself
I'm giving it four stars because, hey, it's the Jack Benny Program. As for the introductions, the best I can say is that you can drag past them. One podcast episode featured a Jack Benny episode, followed by a Fred Allen episode from later the same night. The introduction to the Benny episode ran nineteen minutes. Between the two episodes, "Buck" came back, said, "Oh, one thing I forgot," and went on for an additional twelve minutes in his usual style: highly repetitive, thin on information, and laden with verbalized pauses ("Uh... so... anyway..."). Does anyone-- literally anyone --have the patience for this?


By Rb1173
I love this podcast !! So much information and trivia things I never would have known thank you
This podcast is truly amazing! The host Buck Benny ( I'm not sure of his real name ) consistently has a great collection of old time radio shows! I have been turned on to several shows I had never heard of due to this podcast. I love his commentary before many of the episodes that put the show into context ! Keep up the great work!!!!
Thanks Buck! Absolutely great!
I really enjoy this podcast. Buck is knowledgable and clearly loves what he is doing. I have listened to other OTR podcasts but I always come to this because of the background provided, quality and variety.
The episodes are from a well chosen variety of Jack Benny and related, relevant programs, e.g., even Suspense when it makes sense. But the host is what makes the difference here. He is likable, impressively knowledgable in the extreme, and really does adds to the podcast with interesting historical background. My only criticism is that not every episode can be "fantastic." He might play down the superlatives a little bit. But otherwise, this is probably the best OTR podcast I have come across. Thanks Buck!
This is my favorite podcast! I love the Jack Benny shows, and I've found other shows that I had never heard of before but now I enjoy thanks to this podcast. I enjoy listening to the commentary before the shows for the insight and background they provide. Looking forward to more great podcasts! :)
I was looking for Jack Benny, whom I adore, but when I found this podcast I found an eclectic mix of shows. The audio quality is quite good and I've downloaded many of the earlier shows. I love old time radio and this is one of my favorites.
This podcast is a real treasure. The sound quality is excellent, and the variety of shows offered now is outstanding. The podcaster's introductions provide an entertaining, historical perspective, and the shows are organized to give the listener a real window into the times they were originally produced. Listening to his older podcasts, I can see how Buck Benny has improved his technique, and I so very much appreciate his continued efforts to find the best recordings available. Every week I look forward to discovering a show I'd never heard before. Thanks!
Jack's show sounds great, so does Phil's. In fact, all the broadcasts are pretty great. But I find the host absolutely unbearable- he seems to know a fair amount about the shows and the stars but he just rubs me the wrong way. The extremely heavy breathing into the mic is the worst of it but he also has a habit of droning on and on. The shows themselves are some of the clearest on iTunes, and I love the weekly schedule. He clearly loves the shows and is passionate about them but he's just not broadcast material.
just happened on the podacast, but now I am addicted. Never new of Jack Benny. This podcast brought it to life. I really enjoy the commentary before the podast it adds such depth and percetion of theshow. All podcasts should follow this example, Thank you for bringing Jack Benny to us that never knew the show.. and keep up the commentary
I'm about to turn 46 and grew up listening to these with my dad who passed away last summer. He collected much of the comedy and variety shows for years first in reel to reel then on cassette and finally on CD. I grew up listening to all of these performers and more. I know he'd be happy knowing that I can continue enjoying these programs through your podcasts. Thanks and keep them coming.
This is the best podcast by far on ITunes. I have always loved Jack Benny, but thanks to Buck Benny, I have come to also love Phil Harris and Alice Faye as well. Please, can you have more intros to the shows since you (Buck Benny) are so informed and knowledgeable about these shows. Your love for this podcast and for Jack Benny (and cast) comes through. If anyone is in doubt about whether to download this Podcast or not.....try a few shows at least...it is well worth it, to say the least. Thanks again Buck Benny.....it is wonderful to know that there are others out there, like you, who enjoys Jack Benny.
While all of the OTR shows featured in the Buck Benny podcast came way before my time, I've always been drawn to the wholesome comedy of true comedic talents like Jack and his cast of amazing players that are equally indellible in Americana. I've come to nearly look forward to the host's homage salutation of "Well Jell-o again!" almost as much as I do to Jack's own. I've listened to the Buck Benny OTR podcast for a few years now and it's engrained in my everyday routine as I listen and laugh on my 34 mile roud trip bike ride to and from work everyday - just enough time to squeek in two episodes per day. I'm sure I'm quite a site as a nearly chuckle myself into a curb as Remley cons Phil into another sketchy and costly scheme. Every character on every show could have their own show. They're so well developed and the actors that play them are perfectly cast. The behind-the-scenes info of our well-informed host is fantastic and his love of Jack and OTR in general shines through as he opens each show with colorful stories that explain the episodes while placing it alongside the days' headlines to give the listener three dimensional perspective of its time and place juxtaposed against the realities of "The War Years." It gives us pause to consider the patriotism and the pressure these performers endured to give the nation and its troops some comic relief during some dark days. Firstly, thank you to the originators of the OTR shows and secondly, thank you to Buck Benny for perpetuating the life of these shows in what is still a bright spot in someone's day so many decades after the last show of any of these series originally aired. -Rob Larkins
This great podcast features shows like Jack Benny, Suspense, Phil Harris and Alice Faye and Bing Crosby in the order that they were broadcast. This experience brings a wonderful dimension, depth and real fun that you would not get by listening to them piecemeal. As an added bonus, Buck Benny's insightful introductions add to the performances by setting the scene for each episode. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in old time radio -- or just great comedy and great music.
Start with the best comedian of the 20th Century. Add to it the sincere affection and knowledge that this host has for the material. It's a superbly winning mix. Buck Benny serves as a guide through history of the mid-twentieth century using Jack Benny as his anchor. He also introduces listeners to many other stars of the classic radio period -- like Phil Harris (what a wonderful surprise). Buck is both teacher and host, but never seeks to overshadow the wonderful material that he so clearly loves. Don't miss this one
Jack Benny and other shows presented daily on their anniversaries make this the closest thing to a radio time machine you can find. Interesting introductions inform about the shows, the stars and the era when radio was an important part of show business. There is thought behind the selection of each show and this podcast is the most enjoyable presentation of Old Time Radio I have listened to. Thanks Buck!
I deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and generosity that Buck Benny brings to these podcasts. I have come to look forward to his introductions as much as I have the shows themselves. His voice has become a weekly re-assurance that people still do labor in love to share with others their appreciation of old time radio. Stephen
This OTR has become a serious addiction. Gotta go to I tunes and get the latest Buck Benny Program! Laugh a lot and learn a lot. Being an animator I know how many cartoon characters were ripped off from the radio and now you can see why. I really enjoy when Buck does shows from the war years; these seem to have a strange topical feel to them. I've always been a fan of Jack Benny's, but never realized how truly great he was until I started listening to your podcast! The variety shows have great music, one of a kind versions that you can't find elsewhere. Thanx a million! BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN~~
I listen whenever there's a Judy Garland podcast. She is so much fun to listen to! I feel like i am hearing it live. Anything Judy is fantastic! Danielle
I so much enjoy your podcasts. I listen to them every night on my IPod. I enjoy the Buck Benny comments and insights before each of the OTR programs. Once they are on ITunes they are available for a long time. I am listening to the podcasts that re 1-2-3 years old. The OTR programs are ageless. I look forward each night to listen to Jack Benny, Fred Allen etc. The is a lot of history often in the commercials especially during WWII.