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Wow this is just amazing. My favorite is pipe dream amazing!
Animusic is so cool and unique you can't help but sit and watch and enjoy that great groove it gives
Best zero bucks I ever spent! Still, Future Retro would be the cherry on top of this already great collection.
Toats awesome but needs more please put future retro and pogo sticks on here!!
I am a HUGE BIG BOOGER fan of animusic, but I don't like how there aren't that many good videos. I don't care how they do there work, I wanna see it with my eyes😳
NO COMMENT, TOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


WHEN IS ANIMUSIC VOL 3 COMINGGGGGG!!!!!!???!!!! This is great and all but I need my fresh animusic fix!!
I've been to iTunes, and now I'm here, but the one I'm truly looking for is future retro, and heavy lite or something like that, it's my favorite, but it's name escapes me, I'm asking nicely because that has always been my favorite, and I love animusic, but I need heavy lite for it to be complete
Needs future retro, acoustic curves, but definitely needs stick figures.
Animusic is amazing! Add future retro and aqua harp so that I could play along with them on the keyboard! Harmonic Voltage is my favorite one on the podcast.
No Future Retro means no purchase add this song and I will buy it. But the podcast seems to get good reviews.
Very Good I like the music and the animation.
Missing future retro, drum machine, and acoustic curves. When added I will give 1000 stars!


By hogees
They are all great make lots more thanks.
Make the Future Retro!!
Animusic is the best music
Amazing. Please make more!!!
I wish they would put more videos on like fiber bundles or stick figures
My music teach showed me these in 2nd grande. I'm in sixth now and still love them!!!!!
My 3 and half year old watch it repeatedly!
Great CG and music synchronized perfectly. There's nothing else like it out there. Take advantage while it's still free.


I like Animusic but where are the rest of the videos???
Like it, but wish for future retro and more.
Where's fiber bundles? That was the best!!!
This is the greatest tool I have ever sen to transition kids to classes in a hurry. They love it!
These Animusic songs are THE BEST EVER!!!! I'm amazed at how the Animusic creators make every little sound in a song have an animation. This one gets five stars hands down!!!!
Pogo Sticks and Resonance Chamber are in the "Videos" section of iTunes and all the others like Future Retro you can get by downloading them off of google videos and adding the files to your iTunes library and syncing them to your iPod.
I like it alot but I'm mad because they don't have pogo sticks
Just needs to have drum machine and future retro, if added, I'd give it 10 stars
What happens when you get two things love the most.... ANIMUSIC
I love animusic all it's missin is acoustic curve and future retro five stars from me
Yea, I LOVED this b4 I got an iPod touch, now I can watch it... Anywhere! YAY!!! :D
Animusic is amazing i cant stop watching it 5 stars from me
I love the star ship groove really makes me feel younger again so I'm like er idk like 40 or 39?, but I luv it and I wish animusic is on TV,And I Luv it!!! Oh I told u that already! LMFAO XD


This are so awesome.
This is great animation!! How did you do that? One thing though add aqua harp please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm dieing here to listen!!!!!!!
That's the coolest for me !! Drums are awesome
My music teacher at school showed these to us at school so I checked to see if it was iTunes. So now i have them all on my iPod touch
I am a machine operator and animusic fascinates me to no end, especially the pipe dreams series. The musical timing is superb! I could watch and listen to these for hours on end!!


By Majocha
I <3 this! Put pogo stcks on 4 free!
animusic is like the awesomest thing ever! I cant wait for animusic 3... THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!
I love both aqua harp&future retro please add them and cathedral pictures
Love animusic but please add future retro PLEASE thank you.


By Kumron
The best one is pipe dream
It would be great if there were more original pieces like retro techno


I love animusic don't get me wrong but u need 2 add future retro and the other 1s
Truly and simply genius music!! If only I could give it more stars!!
These are awesome but u need to release the first video on the first animusic