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This is an interesting show, but the way it's encoded, it won't play on the Apple TV. I'm not interested in watching a half hour show format on my computer screen.
The information on the podcast was great. However I didn't like the approach he two hosts took. I was hoping for something a little more intellectual instead I felt like I was in 3rd grade. This is probably a great teachers tool to bring into a classroom but if any adult just wants to learn more about science, this is probably not the best source.


By mbibs
I was looking for a good download for my science class and came across this program. How informative! Fast paced and interesting, it will keep my class motivated and glued to the screen. Who knew NASA was involved in sporting equipment? I loved the power drill segment and Orion testing piece. Bio-suit? Amazing! I do hope NASA has more episodes in store for iTunes. What a great program, highly recommended.