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This is great! I downloaded all of the podcasts! I've been learning Romanian for a couple of months thanks to a few Romanian friends but this is so wonderful to have it in English and Romanian, one after the other! I'm plan on taking a month long trip to Romania and hope to speak fluently in a year or so! Thanks again for taking the time out to make these, I hope you make many more! Sincerely, Sara from SC, USA
My wife and I are enjoying listening through the different podcast episodes and practicing the words and phrases. We're headed to Romania this week and are hoping to put lots of this into practice! Thanks for all your effort and help. It was true that the dialogs go rather fast, but it's not a problem when we have the scripts available. We need to study those a bit more. It's actually great to have the wide variety of natural sounding dialogues to listen to and to work on. We're looking forward to more episodes (after lectia 14) if they're still coming. As far as new topics, you might try, "passing through customs" "going to the market", or something about music like has been mentioned. Thanks again for providing this.
The best free resource on learning Romanian. Very hard to keep up though while just listening, but with the scripts it all becomes very clear. Thank you so much for making these. they were very helpful.