Bird Notes

Reviews For Bird Notes

This podcast is well-researched, varied, and always interesting, even if you don't live in Virginia.
Good information delivered in a compact format. Wish the podcasts would come out more often!


I'm so thankful for this podcast - just a great way to break up the monotony of a regular work day and for a moment think about doing something that you love!
Excellent podcast with a charming host. Always, always makes me smile and reflect on his subject matter. Thank you so much Dwight! Such a pleasure to listen to you.
This is a short, pleasant podcast with some lovely bird sounds and fascinating commentary on the bird of the day. It is a great thing to listen to on my morning commute.
A wonderful podcast. I am always looking forward to the next. Haven't seen a new one since beginning of the year. Come back!
Bird Notes has become part of my Sunday morning, relaxing with a good cup of coffee. It is interesting and well presented. The presentations are timely for the season and the birds that we have in the lower Chesapeake Bay area, be they migrating through, an occasional visitor or spending the season. It is always a delight to hear about a bird that I am not familiar with, or to get new insight on one that I know fairly well. A good reason to have the clock radio set to come on so I don't miss the 8:30 am broadcast on Sunday morning.