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If you’re intermediate or just like how calm her voice is this is a really great pic. She posts all the copyright free material she reads in her descriptions so you can follow along if you need. Also the text has furigana over the kanji which is very helpful. It doubles as something I can study and calm myself to.
This podcast is really soothing to listen to when going to sleep. I really like it!
I love this podcast. It's so simply done and enjoyable. The host's voice is very calming and suits the material well. Listening to this reminds me of why I started studying Japanese; it really is a beautiful language. I hope there are many more episodes to come!
The speaker's voice is so calm; listening to her is very relaxing.
I love this podcast, but I would recommend this for intermediate to advance japanese learners. It's a nice soothing way to strengthen your listening skills.
The info says its in english but unfortunately it isn't.