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50% of the episodes are just whatever happens to be aired at the time. So usually it’s just old breaking news.
Featuring the sharpest minds in the business, the Journal Editorial Report puts the week’s political news in perspective like no other podcast. My only complaint is that the show is often preempted by breaking (and sometimes not-so-breaking) news so we miss a week. Also, it’s slow to upload the latest one.
Why can’t you guys get this right? PAUL Gigot, Kim Strassel and company offer great content that I look forward to when I can’t view it. More often than not, you publish whatever falls onto Fox News on today’s version-Maria Bartiromo’s show. Why?
It was the best Sunday morning public affairs show by far. Now it’s been replaced by an inferior substitute? Did WSJ ask Fox for a raise?
Good info and discussion. This, Chris Wallace, Jake Tapper, and Brett Baier are the best around.


By pdw86
The host sounds like he’s whispering through a mouthful of water. Cringeworthy for those of us who have misophonia. Plus he might as well be surgically attached to the presidents backside. Right wing and absolutely biased and skewed.
One of my favorites. Thoughtful editorial opinions with very little advertising.
Thx for (actually) reporting the news and doing so very intelligently and with reasoned context
I watched this on weekends in the past when I had time to catch it find I have more time to listen to the podcast. Very good conversation and panel.


The content is outstanding but does one episode need to use 562 MB of my storage? Could you provide just the audio instead?


The content is outstanding but does one episode need to use 562 MB of my storage? Could you provide just the audio instead?
always insightful. Can we get a audio-only version?
The JER is in my opinion one of the best TV news analysis shows. The only problem is that it has not been posted in a timely manner in recent weeks. Pease explain why.
This is a great panel and a great summary of the important events of the week. Unfortunately the last two shows have not been podctasted in their entirety
The Journal Editorial Report is indeed, the lucky recipient of the Meat and Potatoes Blog "Stamp of Approval". This program gives you insightful analysis of what's going on in the unpredictable, even sometimes whacky world of American politics. You can read their words each week on the "Opinion" page of the Wall Street Journal but why not watch them in action each Saturday at 5:30pm/11pm on the Fox News Channel or catch this podcast at your leisure? Everyone must awaken from their self-induced state of "political hibernation" sometime, the "JER" is ready with YOUR wake-up call! Sean Plankey The Meat and Potatoes Blog Knoxville, Tennessee