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These must be my true roots. The music lifts my spirits for the entire day. Thank you for putting this together.
I just subbed and I am enjoying the wonderful music! Thank you so much! I was wondering if you could turn down the music in the background as you speak as it is a bit hard to understand you. Then when you turn up the music I have to turn down my sound. I will be a loyal subcriber!
I truly enjoyed this podcast and was going through all the back catalog until Raymond decided to start commenting on the difference in American and European politics. Even that was ok until he started espousing a decidedly socialistic/communistic point of view. I don't care what his politics are but I don't need to hear it. Keep it to yourself or start another political podcast. Really ruined it for me. Too bad because the rest was excellent. Goodbye Raymond.
Missed this podcast. Like an old friend. Glad its back between my ears. One of the few you will find yourself listening to multiple times. Matt GA, USA
I could listen to this show all day- a nice mix of commentary, great music and Raymond McCullough is entertaining and has a beautiful way of talking. Love it!
I've been enjoying this podcast for a couple of years now and can't say enough good things about it. It's introduced me to many artists I would have never heard otherwise, tucked here between the mountains in Colorado. Keep them coming, please.
This should be your go-to source for adding new Celtic artists to your watch list. Tried it once and I'm now a subscriber. Great stuff!
I really enjoy this podcast. I am not Irish, but I love the genre and Raymond does a fantastic job!
Review by Dan McCullough I love your podcast! It's very entertaining and there's a wide variety of celtic music on your podcast. It keeps me entertained while at work. You can't find celtic music on the radio here in Pittsburgh PA .
I've really enjoyed listening to all the great music from around the globe (including some from my area!) and the craic is top notch storytelling. I've also recently read some of raymond's written work and found it just as fulfilling. My only complaint is that it is not released often enough! Keep up the great work, sir! Stephen in Texas
Boy I'd love to be Irish, but if I listen enough to a great pod cast like this it's almost as good! Yeah!
Great music and an entertaining host, the only thing wrong with this podcast is that I've burned through all of them in a months time. If your'e listening on an Apple device the Apple enhanced versions are very high quality and the levels are spot on. J Safford Pasadena California
Love Celtic Roots Radio, from the music to the craic this is a great podcast for lovers of all things Irish. You make me miss my homeland a little less everytime I listen. Thanks!
I recently found and devoured every episode of this podcast. It has a broad enough range of music so that I don't get bored. The only complaints I have with it is the hosts accent is a bit hard for me to understand from time to time. Probably just me, i'm the one with the accent, not him right? The other beef I have is I have ran out of episodes. Now I have to wait for more.
Dear da I'm writing to let you know you reach the smallest of villages. My name is Rhys and I'm 23, I live in pilot grove Missouri USA. My town has less than 700 people in it. I've always had a Irish accent though I was born in the USA. I have always longed to live in Canada or Ireland and am making the move soon your podcast keeps my dreams alive. Thank you Rhys P.s it's pronounced old welsh
I'm not sure why there seems to be a genuine lack of authentic Celtic podcasts to download. For anyone who was searching, as I was, stop right here. This podcast is an amazing assortment of independent artists, artfully arranged by the host, Raymond MacCullough, who also gives great commentary with the history, culture and traditions of Ireland. I should have written this review a while ago. Recently, there were several months where Celtic Roots did not broadcast and that left an unexpected void. With Roots back on track, I felt I had to show my support to keep this I-Tunes gem going. If you were searching, as I was, for the right podcast of Celtic music, just stop right here, pull up a chair and enjoy the best. -Andy Jagow Alexandria, Virginia
Wonderful celtic and celtic roots podcast. Found this through a recommendation from the Irish and Celtic podcast by Marc Gunn. The narrator has a lovely Irish brogue and gives interesting anecdotes in each podcast. The music is ecclectic and provides a great mix of music with celtic roots from all over.
I want to thank you for this great show I love that you not only play great music but also give us a bit of the culture and personal history. It really makes my feel at home and through you I feel abit closer to the Ireland. Thank you again I am currently burning through your older shows while staying current with you new shows and reccomend your podcast to everyone at work.
As a long time lover of Irish and Celtic music I am thrilled that each podcast will have at least 1 song I have never heard and they are always great! Raymond does a great job of adding enough context to make you feel as if Celtic Roots has made you Irish. Healy MacPhail Orange, Ca, USA
I listen to your podcasts at work and really enjoy the music and the story about your boat. You've opened my ears to some new artists. Your brogue reminds me of my grandmothers which you very easy to listen to.
This is by far the best podcast I have subscibed to. This is what makes my week, hearing it. Raymond, you are doing a hiontach job! Ta ceol na hEireann is fearr liom! Go raibh maith agat.
Outstanding Podcast of Celtic Music. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in irish/Celtic/Folk music. Thanks Raymond, krrp up the good work.
I really enjoy this podcast. The host always includes a nice mix of Celtic influenced music and breaks up the tunes with interesting stories about his life in Ireland and about Irish history. He seems very genuine in a way that you wouldn't get on TV or on the radio. I recently started playing the fiddle and this podcast is a great place to find music that inspires me to want to play. Keep the fiddle tunes coming, Pat Arizona
Great independent Celtic tradtional and roots music combined with the amazing stories delivered by Raymond in his laid-back Irish cool makes for some fine listening. As I've grown more in touch with my own Scotch-Irish heritage, this was a great find. Jeff C. - Houston, TX
I love this Podcast. Raymond has a good voice, and a flair for interesting "foreign (Irish) language" tidbits. Most of all he gathers great music for each Podcast. Thank you, to him and all the musicians.
I've loved Celtic music for many many years, and there aren't enough good podcasts like this. I enjoy the music very much, and the narrative is fun to listen to (not just the accent, either!)
This podcast is amazing!!!!!!!!!! With me being partly Irish, I always did like the culture and old folk music of Ireland, especially when somebody decided to rock those tunes out. This podcast has all that! And also, the D.J. (Raymond) is always there to make the music even better! Raymond is not only just a D.J. with a good story or two. He tells you of old Irish traditions and history! If you like any Celtic music, this is a good podcast to add to your library!
Such, a wonderful thing they've got going here. Keep it up!!!!
Being of Irish heritage I have always enjoyed the music and the history. But after a recent trip to Ireland I can't seem to get enough. You podcast hits the spot. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!!
I've been listening to your podcast for a while now & just wanted to let you know what a great job your doing. The blend of music is outstanding. Thank you!
Love the podcast. It ticks all the boxes of my musical tastes. Also love the addition of historical and regional facts.
I love this stuff. What a great mix.
Hello, I am from Britanny, France, but leaving in Pennsylvania USA. This is a great podcast that I look forward to listening to. Very nice mix of music and locations! Keep bringing great music to us. Kenavo. Gwenael
I have been a faithful listener for all of 2 months now, and every podcast gets better and better! I can't find anything better than this podcast anywhere. (And, trust me, I've been looking for a while.) If you're looking for a great station for all things Celtic/Celtic Rock/Bluegrass/Breton, then this is the podcast for you!
This is an absolutely delightful podcast. Raymond McCullough is vey informative, funny and entertaining. I can't stop listening. ;)
Wonderful stuff and really the real thing. Clean, pure and every note a treat. If you love Celtic and Celtic influence, this is one not to be missed.


This is an awesome podcast. The host is funny and intresting to listen too. The music in never the same and always a surprise. By going outside of "traditional" Celtic music and exploring all music influenced by Celtic music the podcast is always able to keep the listener intrested.