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Been listening to this podcast since it began. I love Clayton & Mike & their friendship, & their entertaining conversations. Now these last 2 episodes they are talking politics. Please guys, STOP IT! Please keep on with music, movies, super heroes & coffee, but not politics. We can listen to that trash everywhere else. My wish is that you remain a non political oasis.
I share a lot of tastes with these two so I enjoy hearing about movies, comics, and nerd culture from their perspective. (Wrestling, too, though they don’t touch on it often so don’t be scared off). Their music-based episodes are passable for me but others would disagree. I’ve been listening off and on since 2011!
I used to listen more regularly, but it kinda fell off my 'need to listen to' lists. I like when they talk geeky things, sci fi, star wars or star trek, marvel. But for 2 dudes of similar age to me, their music tastes, ugh. It's like the have the ears of someone 20 years older, and way less fun.
This is the podcast I never miss. The latest in comic books, comic movies and TV shows, music and coffee are all discussed with the insights of 2 guys I wish I was best friends with. Hope there are at least another 400+ episodes to come!!
I've been listening to The Grizz for the past several years. Love listening on my Monday morning drive to work. Clayton and Mike are a great duo. The show topics - music, movies, TV, comics, social media, tech - are right up my alley. Keep up the great work, gentlemen!
Hello!/Good Evening!
Started listening to the Griz about a year ago (from around episode 50). My new favorite host Mike and his weekly guest Clayton spill it all from personal stories, comics, movie reviews, musical preferences, to business ventures and misadventures. Still think you guys had something going with Clorita's Water Ice!! Thank you for sharing your lives with one of the around 2 million in the Egg Head Army!
Listening to this podcast you can feel the warmth that comes with lifelong friendship and it feels nice. Also, always ahead of the curve on tech and where that world is heading. Love these dudes and love The Grizz!
Every week Mike and Clayton talk about the subjects I talk about with my friends, music, comics, and movies. Plus, I would like to get my name, Scott Beaty (bay-tee), mentioned on their show. They've already mentioned my friends Mark Reeves and Frank Mesina so why not me, Scott Beaty. Clayton didn't even seem to mind when I shouted with a mouth full of Whitecastle to get his attention one Sunday in front of the Fox studios, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind saying my name, Scott Beaty.
i love the podcast the banter is always great and i love the nerd topics the two of you are hilarious, keep up the great work
I don't hate it!
This podcast, just like Hooked on Phonics, works for me.


I was told by the hosts, Mike and Clayton to leave a five star review so here it is.
Whenever they talk about comic book heroes or robots in disguise it takes me back. Though I listen to country music, their enthusiasm towards 80s Pop is enjoyable. I always look forward to their movie reviews.
Every episode is a fascinating blend of friendly conversation, informative conversations about Comics, Wrestling and so much more!
Fantastic show!
There's nothing better than being a fly on the wall, listening in on two best friends shooting the breeze.
In all seriousness, I've been listening to these two for years, since 2009 or so. Tune in for fun goofy talk between two best friends about comics, movies, music, coffee and occasionally some relatable complaining.
Two things will make you love this show. The first is being a kid of the 80's and second if you have a best friend from childhood you love to talk with.
Hands down the best podcast I've ever heard of two guys rambling about the minutiae of life. If Seinfeld is the "show about nothing" this is the "podcast about nothing". Regardless of the topics being discussed the witty banter between Mike and Clayon makes this show a must listen for me every week.
I’m a HUGE fan of the show and have listened for years and years! I’m a jerk however because every week for the past several years, I’ve planned to go on iTunes and give you guys a (much deserved) 5 star review, but over and over again I have forgotten to. Please forgive me. This show is fantastic and as a 35 year old male who is a fan of music, comics, sci-fi, 80’s nostalgia, geek culture related movies, books, cartoons, etc. it’s everything and more that I could ever ask for out of a podcast. Thanks so much for years of entertainment, laughs, and nostalgia, you guys feel like a couple of old friends and I’m grateful to have found you right at the beginning. Keep on keepin’ on fellas and don’t ever stop!!! Your biggest fan, Tyler (from Atlanta Georgia)
This is an excellent podcast! Thanks for helping me pass the time on my Tuesday commute guys. Love the talk about comics, movies, nostalgia etc... Keep em coming!
Summer of duds .. Big thumbs up!
Do yourself a favor...check out this podcast! I look forward to it each Monday...Mike and Clayton's connection is authentic and unique and their insights are always interesting!
Clayton and Mike are a bright spot on my week. I love seeing a new podcast on deck. Especially for those you who grew up in your late 30's and early 40's, get ready to dust off your inner geek. Keep it going gents!
If you enjoy a good discussion between two lifelong friends then download this podcast and enjoy. Also, it occasionally features a variety of guests such as Justin Timberlake and Sarah Palin, in fact the former Alaskan governor taught the hosts how to yodel.
If you're a fan of pop culture from the 80's up until today then you can't go wrong with the Cafe. Mike and Clayton are best friends and it's obvious when you listen to their smooth, intelligent and funny conversations.
This podcast is absolutely wonderful. Every week I look forward to sitting down with Mike in Clayton as if I'm a fly on the wall watching two friends interact. With such a wide array of topics you can't go wrong with this podcast. Thank you guys for putting it together every week.
You can tell that the two hosts are best friends. They have great respect for each other but delight in the occasional joke at each other's expense. Their views on music, movies, tv shows, and pop culture in general are always entertaining. Although they are ten years or more younger than me, I really enjoy hearing about their childhood in Pennsylvania. It's something everyone who grew up in a small town can relate to.
I'm the same age as Mike and Clayton so it's refreshing to listen to a podcast that I can truly relate to. 80's topics, movies, music, and tech. It's all in a humorous, logical, and thought provoking way. It's a must listen every week!


Hello guys! I'm a new subscriber. I'm really enjoying your shows. Keep up the interesting work and topics. I'm sure you've done a show on upcoming comics but I'd like your thoughts on where you think the future of comics themselves are headed and if you have any ideas of what type of stories you'd like to see. Such as new superheroes or characters. I'm really fond of comic fantasy like terry pratchett. Take care.
Really enjoyed this hip down to earth take on all things awesome!


By Fanisp
loved it
Watching Gotham last night I started explaining some background to my wife. I realized that all I know in the comic book world comes from this podcast. I started listening because of the guys but keep listening for the great content.
Started listening to this after my friend Leif was interviewed about his cult horror film “Darkness”. Been a fan ever since. Clayton and Mike have been friends since childhood and hearing them reminisce as well as speak on the current state of cartoons, sic-fi, and superheroes in books, tv and film, is a welcome treat each week. Its a laid back, no nonsense, chat with a couple of old friends you could compare to your own childhood. Keep up the great work, guys!
I’ve only been listening to this podcast for the last year or so, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Mike and Clayton go over the most interesting things happening in comics world and entertainment, they also talk a lot about the 80’s, which is great for me because I was a teenager back then. Ah memories. Their latest weekly reviews on 80’s cartoons have been amazing. Sadly I did not live in the States back then so I missed a bunch of those. One thing I did experience that they did not… a full run of Mazinger Z in Spanish, true to the original. I am really sad for you guys who got this subpar Trenzor abomination, Mazinger is awesome.
This is just the best hour of my Monday! I have so much in common with Mike and Clayton… as I’m sure all of my fellow Egg Head Army does; we really are one big family here! If you like comic books, if you like coffee, if you like to hear entertaining Natali Morris stories, if you like to hear about Mike’s sweet tooth, and maybe once in a while (okay, maybe more often than we probably need to) Clayton’s bad knee (JK Clayton, gets me every time)… THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT CAFE! Welcome my friend! You. Are. Home!
I've been listening to Clayton and Mike for over 2 years now. I've recently enjoyed their summer of 80's cartoons. Brought back good memories of my childhood. Also great to re-discover Mysterious Cities of Gold as I remembered the series but couldn't remember the title and loved seeing it available for purchase on Google Play. Their summer of Star Trek in 2013 was awesome as well as they covered all 12 films over 12 episodes. I really appreciate their comic book knowledge and respect their critisim of a Marvel Film. Their variety of music is great as well as it really opens your pallet open to great songs to search for after the each episode. This really is a great podcast and you won't be disappointed.
If you love superheroes wrestling, music, The Monkies, Star Trek, Star Wars, technology, Starbucks and the occasional bad 80s cartoon then Clayton & Mike are the guys for you! These 2 childhood buddies get together each week to discuss this and much more and we get the pleasure of listening to the most fun nerdy hour in podcasting today. My absolute favorite that moves to the top of my player as soon as it comes out each and every week! If you love any of the above topics or just love talking about nerdy fun stuff, give them a try. You will be so glad you did. Best hour in podcasting out there!
I've been listening to the Grizz for 6+ years and I still listen to it first when there's a new show posted. If you want a podcast about growing up in America, pop culture, music, superheros and much more, you should definitely enter the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe.
Really love this show. The cartoon summer was really great and brought back tons of great memories. Love all the superhero talk too. Always excited to put it on when a new ep shows up in my feed.
Mike and Clayton have a about 1-hour conversation that never runs out of awesome subjects from latest tech, movies, music, to lucha libre and more. Keep it up guys! Awesome podcast!!
I only thought that in my epic room battles that "Mask" and "Sky Commanders" could live together but boy I was wrong after listening to this episode I found out that other kids in Pennsylvania were having a great time like I was. Time to go in the attic and get the toys out and share with my boy.
A wonderful, weekly conversation between two old friends about film, music, comic books, tech, coffee, and general geekery.
This show is a must-listen if you’re a guy who grew up in the 80s. Mike and Clayton’s weekly chats pretty much echo most of the discussions I have with my own best buds. They cover the topics I want to hear in a podcast (super heroes, movies, TV, tech, music) and none of the stuff I don’t want to hear (politics, politics, and politics). And this show makes me miss my buddies who live out of town!
The most enjoyable part of the Griz is the diversity. Mike and Clayton talk music, TV, movies, comics, tech, nostalgia and everything in between. So every Monday is a pleasant surprise. The longtime friendship between the two hosts is apparent as they naturally flow through an hour of fun and entertaining conversation.
Like minded folks/dudes talking about everything and nothing all at once :) yes they may talk too much about the monkeys and they might be giants but hey that's ok we forgive them. Keep it up! Thanks!