Jacksonville Jaguars Podcast (NFL)

Reviews For Jacksonville Jaguars Podcast (NFL)

Football fan that lives in LA and I heard we might get the Jaguars and wanted to learn about the team I look forward to the podcast when I see it I grab it. If you are a jags fan this is a cool podcast to get. Keep it up!
Great jag podcast
Love the podcast, but it's taking way too long for the del rio conference call to be played. I am looking forward to hearing it. Please I love the podcast this is the only thing missing.
Was a big fan of the program two years ago! Glad to see it's still going!
This is a fun and entertaining podcast for Jaguars fans and fans of the NFL. I've enjoyed listening to it for the past year. Check it out.
This podcast gives a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars like me all the news and analysis I need. Jody is both entertaining and insightful in his analysis of the team and of the NFL in general. I highly recommend this podcast!
If you want to know what is going on with the Jags then this is the podcast to check out.
If you're a true football fan you'll love this podcast. Great insight and previewing into each Jaguars' game. I must listen to for all jaguars fan outside of the Jacksonville area
This Podcast Is Great,Get Alot Of News And Updates,all On The Jags its The Best Thing I've Ever Been Able To Listen To
For all you Jags fans, this podcast is a must listen. Jody does a great job keeping fans up to date with all the latest Jaguars news each week. His podcasts are high quality and family friendly, which counts in my book. Let me say this: He is soo good, he has a Kansas City Chiefs fan listening in each week!! yes, I know!! Go Jags!
If you are a fan of the jacksonville jaguars or football in general, then this podcast is a MUST subscribe, keep up good work