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Keep up the good work.
If you like your skeptical podcast with less giggling and self congratulatory back slapping then this could be a good choice. I personally like my skepticism and science straight up. Thanks for a great product.
I listen to The Skeptic Zone weekly... I love the variety of topics and guest reporters. Richard Saunders is a great host. His regular contributor, Maynard is a hoot.
Must add that I have been interviewed on the zone many times. But before that happened I was a long time listener. The Zone inspired me to become an activist in skepticism. Love the entire cast and the show continues to inspire me.
This show is part of my weekly sunday routine. I love all the segments from this big cast.
Excellent, informative podcast.
Richard produces an excellent podcast of professional radio quality. The skeptical points of view and stories from the shows correspondents are always interesting and insightful. This has been one of my favorite shows for over two years now.
I enjoy the Skeptic Zone because of the variety of topics and segments. Some are not my interest but I never miss a show. I always get excellent information and the perspective from outside the U.S. is important to me. It's unique. Discussion between the hosts and contributors is my favorite part. I don't really care about the audio quality too much but I feel I've gotten to know these friendly hosts (and they really are friendly). It makes the Skeptic Zone feel like a conversation with friends.
Thoughtful, informative, and well produced. Scientific Skepticism at its best. I will be listening regularly along with Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (US) and Skeptics With a K (UK). Great stuff.


This is one of my favorite skeptic based podcasts! Don't miss out!
I'm an American who started listening to the Skeptic Zone several years ago. I enjoy listening to this podcast. They have a fairly constant format of an introduction, followed by newsclips and interviews, followed by a pub session. It's very cozy and I feel as though if I met Richard, Dr. Rachie, Kylie, or Maynard in person that I already know them. I follow all of them on twitter and converse with Kylie, as well as listen to her Token Skeptic podcast. Hearing what is going on in Australia shows that different parts of the world have different battles, but we all need to encourage vaccination and critical thinking no matter where we live.
I don't quite understand why there are only 16 reviews of this podcast - it is one of the flagship media outlets for the skeptical community. Richard Saunders and "Dr Rachie" give good interviews, enjoyable discussions, and first-rate information, mostly pertaining to skeptical topics. Additionally, kudos to the podcast and the contributing participants for their activism which has protected consumers (Power (im)Balance?) and lives (in countering the anti-vax lobby).
If you're not into the hard-charging skepticism of other podcasts, this will suit you down to your shoes. And you have to love Dr. Rachie.
Congratulations for your great work and success 2011! Skeptics of the year for me!
You can't go wrong. If you are looking for an interesting, educational and entertaining podcast this is an excellent choice.
This show is great for everyone , not just skeptics.
I enjoy listenin' to this one!
Very entertaining and a great take on all things science and reason from a Down Under Perspective. A little tllted towards medical woo. I think one great addition would be a reporter on other areas of science. Very well done and highly recommended. The think tank is my fav segment.
Great interviews, news, and a fun, light touch. Quickly becoming my favorite science-based podcast of the week. These guys are all the real deal and getting better as they go. Kylie, Richard, Dr. Rachel--thanks for sharing the awesome with us! It's been a great year of podcasts and here's hoping there's many more!
One of my favorite podcasts!
A gem of skeptical podcast with an antipodean perspective, it's both entertaining and educational. Rich is a great host with a keen sense of humour.
Aside from the Skeptics Guide and AstronomyCast, this is the best skeptical podcast out there.
Richard Saunders is fast becoming the #1 Skeptic in Australia, but why limit him to one continent? This is a fun and lively show, and being based in Australia, displays it's roots proudly with it's wit and humor. Not to be missed for all skeptics!
The Skeptic Zone is becoming a very fine show. The SZ crew interview very interesting guests, including the big names in the skeptical movement. They cover a wide range of topics, usually quite interesting, and almost always with great humor. From my perspective in the USA, one topic that's fascinating to hear is the challenges of dealing with quack medicine and questionable health claims in Australia. Finally, this show has the most wonderful theme music of any skeptic and science podcast, possibly of any podcast in the universe. It's blissfully silly.
If you're into science, reason, logic, rationality, critical thinking, and skepticism in general, I think you'll be very impressed with The Skeptic Zone! The interviews have been fantastic; James Randi, Mark Roberts, Dr. Phil Plait, Dr. Eugenie Scott, Dr. Steven Novella, Dr. Pamela Gay to name a few. Richard Saunders and crew deliver the goods with an excellent blend of logic, humor, wit, and skeptical examination of many of the pseudoscientific claims we all encounter on a daily basis in our lives. Highly recommended!
Brilliant new podcast, with a host of interesting and amazing commentators, the show has endless possibilities. Highly recommended as I have a feeling that even though it is great, it is going to get even better ;) Cheers ~timothy
This podcast has some great information and good interviews but the big drawback is the audio quality. The voices in some parts sound "underwater", in the interview with Mark Roberts there were very odd and distracting sounds throughout and you could barely hear Saunders asking or responding to questions. I want to keep on listening but there are too many other good skeptical podcasts with great audio quality vying for attention to keep me for long if the producers can't "up their game."