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Reviews For Torah Talk

I wish this podcast were longer. I could listen to him talk for hours. I have his Commentators’ Bible in my library, and it is my most treasured resource. I hope to take a Biblical Hebrew class this fall, but in the meantime, I learn so much from his podcasts.
I have the privilege of frequently learning with Michael, and "Torah Talk" gives you a taste of that experience. He really knows his stuff, but the podcast is never academic or hard to understand. With Michael, accessability is key, and you'll come away from each week's podcast with at least one bit of knowledge that you did have before. (And if you like the podcast, you REALLY need to check out his books, esp. "The Bible's Many Voices"!)
I look forward to Michael Carasik's podcast each week. Each week he offers a concise, erudite D'var Torah that often focuses on philological or theological nuances that the classical commentaries miss. There is also a handout available each week on the author's blog. A real gem.
Michael irresistibly combines erudition, thoughtfulness, playfulness and wisdom. Learning is a collaborative enterprise with him and he is a wonderful teacher-guide.