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5 stars to MChi & BG holding it down. 6 stars if this was set in the Tokyo Dome, though. scoop scoop


By cjr216
Very entertaining show. Love the banter. 5 stars for Donny and Galvin. Whatever meltzer rated Judy bagwell on a forklift match for mike. His anti aew tribalism is kind of a buzzkill
Putting time stamps for each segment in the description would be greatly appreciated. Especially if they were narrowed down far enough so that I could skip out on all of Mike Chiari’s biased opinions.
Yeah, hi 1,2,3... Ring Rust Radio is 5 star podcast w/o Donnie, but with Donnie it’s a 6 star show.


Wednesday Wrestling Minute section has become unbearable but I’ll still listen 🤷🏼‍♂️
This is hand dahn the greatest podcast of all time, no bs just wrestling talk
It’s like sitting in the bar with your wrestling buddies and arguing over wrestling
Free price tag seems to fit this show well. Still the more betterist of the wrestling pod casts.
I’ve been listening and have been a fan for years. This show was a great listen with plenty of smart and funny moments, but now it’s just hard to listen to. All it is now is just screaming and arguing with each other and calling each other names. The content is getting dull and it’s the same thing every week. I can’t take listening to this WWE/AEW debate anymore.
Hey been listening since nearly the beginning. I love you guys and the product you put out weekly. But the arrogance regarding pay is starting to get ridiculous. I’ve been a loyal $5 patreon subscriber for nearly 2 years now. And while I love the show weekly it feels we are getting less content. I get you have lives and families but to rub it in my face weekly is kind of insulting. I haven’t even watched raw or smackdown since Maina but still support you guys, because I believe you will continue to produce enjoyable content. Recently it seems like nothing has been grown upon. Only taken away. With that being said. If you aren’t going to watch the product then why should I listen to your opinions and takes weekly? Taking away attention horrsss. No new segments, less live shows, more adverts and Personal gain... but less content. Early access is great but if everyone gets it, and I only haven’t a shorter weekly episode what’s the point of paying for the tier? Like I said I love you guys and this podcast. Been listing since the beginning. But if this is only about the money for you guys I’m more than happy to keep my $5 a month. Just a thought. Ring Rust!
Cut yer deeyock!
I did it for the BG
Still waiting for an apology for calling Mike the D word on show in September Not the D word that rhymes with pick the one that rhymes with Prago and it’s meaning is a derogatory term against Italians.
I have been listening for almost 6 years and this was my favorite podcast for a while. It’s just getting hard to listen to now with how Mike has become. He has become insufferable about anything that he doesn’t personally love and derails conversations. I enjoy Donny and BG but Mike ruins the podcast, I may quit listening soon. Also the ads. I understand they make money for the show and I respect that but every 8-10 minutes is nuts. Yeah you can pay $10 a month for ad free but there are plenty of other ad free or much fewer ads podcasts for free
If I was going to give my honest star rating it would be 6.03. It’s a New Day, for pussies! I hope these 5 stars make you happy and my $5 a month is enough to keep you going. Goldberg top 40
Like it when you yell at each other so much you can't understand what your saying.
Refer to title...five stars!
The show is honestly great. It’s three dudes who love wrestling and put a ton of their own free time in to make an entertaining show. While reading through other comments left here, I’ve noticed people seem to think the boys of Ring Rust don’t take it seriously. THATS THE GIMMICK OF THE SHOW, DONT YOU GUYS GET IT! Not to mention they spend a lot of time watching bad wrestling that way they can properly discuss it on the show. That clearly shows they take it seriously. They’re great at what they do. They make sure to engage with the fans. I’ve been listing religiously for over 5 years now and while I haven’t talked with them much personally, they’re honestly just all around great guys. No criticisms from me here at all. If I could give them 10 stars like the Meltz, I’d do it in a heart beat. RING RUST!!!
Donnie, Mike, and BG are each worth 1 star. Dirt Sheet Busters is always an 8 star segment. Smarks Say The Darnedest Things is a 10 Star segment. Unfortunately the constant cutting of “dicks” is -14 stars. The constant disrespect to the best wrestler in the worlds name Sasha Banks is -7 stars. The ads are dope as hell and get 6 stars. Unfortunately there aren’t enough of them so -1 star.
These guys are hilarious and knowledgeable. If you enjoy all types of wrestling, this is the show you'll want to listen to.
Joke reviews on this podcast arnt funny this is seriously a great and humorous podcast. Great Job guys of ring rust.
These guys have a unique outlook on wrasslin’ Best podcast out there for wrestling coverage. Donny’s the village idiot but somehow makes the show what it is. Mike is dedicated to his cause and loves the WWE. BG well he’s there for moral support. RING RUST!
Like wrestling? You’ll love this podcast. BG, MChi, and Donald Wood have cultivated this stellar podcast while simultaneously building a fan community that is welcoming and fun to be a part of. They also offer some of the best Patreon rewards with opportunities to get in on the show with them. I have been listening since the start all those years ago. Truly in depth coverage of all things wrestling from 3 unique point of views. Tokyo dome or not, still 5 stars. RING RUST
This is by far the best wrestling podcast out there. These guys are funny, never take things too seriously and loves there fans!
This is the best podcast on the internet. But Mike Chiari’s opinions are moot and stupid. The saving grace of this show are Donald Wood and BG.
Was looking for an informative and interesting podcast about WWE and ran across these guys. Within 5 minutes, they were already annoying me while they laugh at each other’s unfunny jokes and screaming into the microphone. It’s just a few dudes laughing at themselves and can’t have a somewhat serious, informative conversation about the show. I was fair and gave them 40 minutes of playtime and it was just awful. The first 12 minutes , they were laughing and screaming with jokes about something no one cares about. No thanks and never again.
I love your guys show...my only issue is the run-time...its a podcast and sometimes part 1 of your show is over 2hrs...anything over 2hrs and you’ve lost me. Podcasts are supposed to be semi-short, sweet, and informative. You guys have all of that down except for the length part. Its not that your show is bad in any way its just after a certain amount of time its hard to keep on listening. I usually make it about 1:45 before I lose interest and move onto another show. Keep up the good work, not trying to knock ya’s in any way, just hard to listen for that long!
I honestly haven’t watched wrestling in years. I still listen to this show though because of the banter. The only annoying this is mike’s really stupid nickname. I always fast forward through that part. Also why does he want to make everyone a unich?
I really wanted to give this 5 stars, but Donny’s voice is too over the top annoying. Wish he’d just talk like a normal person.
As the promos tout: the greatest blend of analysis and goofball humor available! They’re knowledgeable, entertaining and funny as hell...give it a listen! You will not regret it!!!
Who in the blue hell is this Ghost guy?
Ring Rust Radio is the best wrestling podcast out there! The three hosts give you a full recap of WWE and other wrestling products for the week. They also provide their fans with interviews and a lot of fun segments that are great for any wrestling fan. They also provide many opportunities for fans to come on the show, and really appreciate their listeners. Gets me through my work commutes and love this podcast....RING RUST!


So bad, don’t waste your time with this smark podcast that sounds like its being recorded in their parents basement.
It's too bad because I used to love the show when I started listening to it a year or so ago. It's really simple, BG and Mike C are two solid guys with thoughtful and articulate opinions. Donnie has gotten unbearable as the contrarian of the group and, without meaningful thought or analysis, will argue the opposite and go on and on and on. I'm surprised the other guys put up with it frankly. Hopefully they can fix the show and make it required weekly listening again; it's not right now (solely due to Donnie killing the show).
If you don’t like RR there is something wrong with you!
I was turned on to this podcast via Twitter. I was hesitant because I’m not a big wrestling fan. I loved it. Content is great and very funny. Highly recommend.
This show is the only reason I still follow wrestling. I only watch what they tell me is worth watching, RAW ppvs and Takeovers. These three guys play well together, I enjoy listening to them argue. It helps me fall asleep at night.
If you guys only recorded straight from japan i would give this podcast 6 dtars for sure ring rust!!! Ps bray wyatt from now own isnt just the eater of worlds if you know what i mean 😉
The best in the business. Don't even try and disagree. "Big Money Mike" Chiari, Donald "The Fat Midget/Hot Donny" Wood, and BG are the greatest smarks to ever walk amongst the universe. They give the best knowledge and insight, combined with the perfect amount of humor and dated pop culture references. Plus, it's amazing how often they are able to get Johnny Ace, Vince Russo and other wrestling personalities on the show so often. A billion stars, Tokyo Dome be damned! RING RUST FOREVER, GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THIS REVIEW IS OUTTA HEEEEEERE!
The best wrestling podcast next to mine wrestlcation
Best in the world at what the do! I've cycled through a lot of wrestling podcasts the last 4 years or so. Triple R is the only one I've never taken a break from or just abandoned altogether. Do yourself a favor and join the Ring Rust Family. Keep up the great work boyzzz. And as always, Ring Rust!
The list of my favorite podcasts! This is the first wrestling podcast I listened to and it has stayed #1 on my list. I honestly look forward to Thursday mornings and work just bc of this show. I love the lengthy episodes. Ive grown to love the back and forth. You would think these guys are life long friends the way they are to each other. I absolutely love this show. Im subscribed and you should be to! Thanks Donny, BG and Mike! RING RUST!! 🔟🔟🔟
I hate you guys for making me leave sticther to listen to your post wrestlemania show on Crapple. With that being said I don't have time or care to watch WWE, but I do love to know whats going on so I can be an ahole smark on twitter during the ppvs. Without Ring Rust Radio this could not happen. Hours of humor, banter, make me feel like I am back in college minus the cup checks. Listen to this show it is for sure the 19th best wrestling podcast.
Super entertaining and interestingly informative.
Scoop scoop 🍦🍦
Got through 20 minutes of your post Fastlane episode. Checked out a couple random spots from others, had to stop. Sorry only subscribe for a week. Why do you guys watch wrestling if you hate it so much. There's a lot I dislike about the current product. But I take what I like and kind of let the rest roll off my shoulder. Maby Im wrong. But can't really understand why you have such a huge following. Either way it wasn't for me best of luck to you guys I'm sure there's reasons why you have so many followers.