The Gentlemens Guide To Midnite Cinema

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Both hosts are knowledgeable, informative and very likable. Love their in depth reviews and analysis. Glad I found this podcast!!! Have you guys reviewed every Blob movie? Maybe, Fiend Without A Face?
A must listen to for genre fans. A real(reel) passion for the art of filmmaking and great Gents all around
I listened because of previous good reviews, which it DOES NOT deserve in any way whatsoever-I mean seriously who's reviewing them their girlfriends? 2 hrs into a 3 hr review of a TRILOGY of movies, & they've actually covered less than 10 min of the 1st movie to such a shallow degree, it could have been for half a dozen other low budget horror. Background on director or various actors is great, but when you're just talking to hear yourself talk or you & your buddies are just shooting the $#+% it's a waste of my time.
This podcast has a very unprofessional sound audio. Normally this would not be a problem since not everybody has grade A audio recording equipment but this podcast is at times just very unprofessional. The hosts often make loud noises that get caught in the microphone and this gets very annoying as it gets hard to heard (no they don't edit these noises out). In addition the hosts sometimes don't talk about the movies they are reviewing often telling random trivial facts about the movie and telling unfunny jokes. Also when they take breaks, they add crappy music that goes on for more than 30 seconds. I don't think that these guys edit this podcast expect for adding this crappy music during their breaks. Would not recommend this podcast when there are several other horror theme podcasts that are much better made.
Probably the best genre movie podcast in the history of cinema.
This podcast has introduced me to a new world of films. Genres I would never have probably explored if it wasn't for these two and the wonderful community they have created online. This is a podcast I enjoy listening to every week, these guys keep my netflix queue full and keep providing new films to add my own film library. They bring great knowledge and in depth discussion to any type of film. Keep up the good work. Give them a listen.


Probably the best genre movie podcast out there. These guys know their stuff. Never miss the GGTMC show.
If you're looking for the best podcast on film out there hosted by two well informed & well spoken film fanatics, then look no further, amigo! Just hang up your Members Only jacket, slowly remove your Canadian Tuxedo, crack open DAT bottle of J&B, get comfy on DAT polar bear skinned rug and let Big Willy & the Samurai continue "bringing class to trash, since 1977"! Viva GGTMC!
Man oh man What a great show!!!! Never miss it! These guys know movies al movies good bad and all point in between Excellent Job Gents Marz&The january Girl!
Of all the shows I've ever listened to since finding podcasts this is #1 for me. Can't say enough good things about the hosts and the guest hosts of GGTMC and the amazing feedback community that's formed around this and other former popsindicate and palavr shows.
Will and Sam are great great men. The nicest and sweetest guys you'll ever meet in the world as well. Their show is great. There are other shows out there that feed you with everything under the sun, but what the GGTMC has, that sets it apart from any other show out there is the chemistry between the two gents....When you can find chemistry, you will always have gold.
Smart, funny conversation about a side of film that isn't frequently considered with a serious eye. Hosted by an especially approachable/accessible couple of guys who head up an amazing comumnity. Check them out.
Just a fantastic double feature podcast. Big Willy and the Sam U Rai are just two of the more knowledgeable folks around, just going through classics in all kinds of ways. Be it an Indonesian action film or a German Expressionist film, they give the same time and love to them all. And with Rupert's great interviews, there's always something new to listen to. Check this one out if you value films in general.
Another outstanding podcast in Dirty Ho of Death. I'm a new listener and can tell you that these guys are two of the best out there.
Great show! Thanks to both of you.
This is my favorite podcast. The dedication these 2 guys have to the podcast is really admirable, you get a sense quickly of what a challenge it is to bring this thing to the air. I pay for a lot of stuff in this world that is ceaselessly disappointing--the GGTMC always comes correct! Super charismatic, super smart, salt of the Earth, films both know and impossibly unknowable--my favorite!
I discovered the Gentlemen relatively recently and I feel the way you do when you get tuned into a great band or author in mid-career. As good as all the great stuff to come is it's matched by all the great albums, books, or in this case, podcasts in the back catalog to dig thru. The Gentlemen's passion, knowledge and affection for all film but genre flicks in particular is delivered every podcast thru an easy, good-natured back and forth between the hosts (and guest hosts). Smart not snobby. Passionate not pretentious. Viva the GGTMC!
I'll come out and say it, the Gentleman's Guide to Midnite Cinema is one of the best podcasts around. Hands down, you're not going to get better conversation between Sammy and Will, and the tons of guest who come on to help out when the schedules aren't coming together. I've been listening since day 1, and I feel as if I can't go a week without hearing the two of them, be it together or apart with friends speak about some of the best genre film (and sometimes worse) around. The latest episode featuring Hisss was a treat. The films they cover may be 'so bad, they're good' but this podcast is fantastic.
The GGTMC is without a doubt the best podcast on cult films on itunes (alongside Outside the Cinema and the dearly departed Cinema Diabolica)...Samurai and Big WIlly know their stuff and a genuine love for these kinds of films really comes thru...I look forward to every podcast....Highly recommeded...Zane yourself the $100k in tuition and listen to this podcast on the regular instead. Insightful, analytical, hilarious, but never pretentious film criticism from two very dynamic dudes.
I've never before written a review for a podcast, but I felt compelled to say something about this show which I enjoy so much. Most of the movie sites offer good comraderie between the hosts, but these two really seem above the rest. It is a true joy to see how the love of genre films had brought these two together, it radiates through every cast. The reviews are funny, yet insightful. The films they cover are classic. The shows are the perfect length for my long commute. I love it!
These Gents (yes, I'm capitalizing that) are the best around and know their movies. I think, even after 135 episodes, they're still in top form and I know that for 2 to 3 hours, I know I'm going to be fully entertained by Large William and The Samurai. I wish they'd produce more episodes, but knowing that they have families and jobs, I'm still amazed they get out these weekly episodes like they do. The best genre podcast around, and I love the community they've blossomed around them. Keep up all the good work.
Keep the movies coming!
These guys are sincere, real down to Earth fellas who not only know their cinema, but they treat their listeners like gold! If you wanna know the ins and outs and get lead toward some great genre action and many of the times, great cinema - this is the place to stop, listen, learn and enjoy!
This is my favorite podcast. These guys do truly entertaining reviews of the films I like to watch. From giallo to spaghetti westerns, Sam U Rai and Big Willy bring a lot of knowledge and a fun outlook to every film they discuss. Hell, they even make the reviews of bad films interesting! I haven't missed an episode since I started listening over a year ago.
...said GGMTC knock you out with their ear words.
I can't tell you how many times I will check my twitter stream for the new episode notice to go up! I love Sammy & Big Willie their chemistry is amazing, they work well off of each other. Their film selection is wide and it encompasses all genres. I find myself writing down movies I need to see per their reviews. Keep up the good job I'm so glad to have found your podcast.
Have a movie, obscure or otherwise, that needs reviewing? Trust in Big Willy and the Samurai to make it happen. Good stuff.
I wonder if Sammy and Willy aren't the busiest men in podcasting. They watch a ton of movies and provide hours of really good discussion and insight every week. They're not afraid to bring a little class to the trash and vice versa. Good stuff!
I'll admit I was hesitant to subscribe originally but that's only because I expected the usual schtick: a couple of guys insulting movies they don't like along with the people who do. I was shocked when I found out that the hosts of this show are two of the nicest, most pleasant, funniest guys in podcasting today who put out a show that's actually entertaining without using insults as a punchline. They love movies, love talking about movies, and it's obvious really respect each other. I look forward to the new episodes every single week and find myself endlessly entertained even when the movie they review is one I have no interest in watching. They make every episode funny and informative which always leaves me wanting more.
If you're looking for in-depth reviews of all manner of genre cinema, with two engaging hosts who really know their stuff, are funny and make an effort to connect with their listeners, then look no further than than the GGTMC. Great stuff! Subscribe now!
I listened to this movie podcast for about 3 months before deciding to stop. PROS: The two hosts are not as wacky and annoying as pretty much every other Pop Syndicate movie discussion podcast. And they cover pretty interesting material. I've found out about many fine films from them. Their gentlemen shtick is mercifully underused. CONS: The guys are braindead. Their in depth reviews usually resort to reading the IMDB plot summary and then talking about the most minute and worthless of details. If you haven't seen the film, their bumbling attempts to describe, for instance, a character's shoes are totally worthless. And every movie "review" devolves into a hopelessly bad quest for social commentary in the film being reviewed. What's the point of that? To justify watching a garbage movie? Have genre fans really reached the point where the visceral thrill of what's on screen is not enough? I listen to plenty of other podcasts. But this one stands out of as the most syntactically challenged I've ever heard. I actually became less articulate and more muckle mouthed after listening to it. Other than their lack of ability when it comes to discussing movies intelligently, my other major gripe would be the length of the show. Luckily, most of the usually ~2 hour run time is prank calls and fanboys calling at the end. So, if you're just interested in the movie discussion, then you can stop listening once that is done. CONCLUSION: I think when looking for a movie podcast, anything under the Pop Syndicate banner should be avoided. While not as bad as Cinema Diabolica or Night of the Living Podcast, GGTMC is pretty miserable.


This might be the best B movie podcast out there. The phone reply's are classic. Gotta give this a listen.
GGTMC is one of the premier movie podcasts out there. Informative and interesting - the two hosts are wonderful guys who share a remarkable amount of film knowledge weekly. Essential listening for the movie fan.
I thought I had an encyclopedic knowledge of cult and little-known cinema and then I heard these guys. Their wide range of topics, genres, and films added with their unfathomable knowledge of all they discuss impresses me every episode. This is a show by two guys who love cinema for everyone who loves cinema.
This podcast is by far one of the best on genre films. The boys know what they're talking about and are always entertaining. Their low key yet intelligent reviews harken back to the glory days of Psychotronic Video magazine.
Entertaining, great content with a good ratio of films I have heard of and others that I haven't but are right up my alley. Good feedback and community of regulars.
Sammy and Large William do a great job every week. They keep me laughing the entire time. I really enjoy their podcast and it is my favorite of all the ones I listen to every week. Even if I haven't seen some of the movies they are talking about I still laugh and also want to seek the movie out and watch it and share it with my friends.
These guys cover really good movies. If you sit back and chill out with a cup of coffee you can listen to them discuss classics like The Stabilizer, Vice Squad, Stone Cold, & The Penitentiary Trilogy for hours. These guys are good.
a fun podcast about genre movies. great humor, great movies, the hosts sound like they have a lot of fun.
What more do you want? They know their stuff. They care about the subject AND the audience! They have been cinema fans for a long time. They put a great deal of thought & research into every second of their shows. Just subscribe! You will be glad you did!
Along with Mondo Movie, my favorite genre podcast. Your gentlemen hosts, Large William and the Samurai, never fail to entertain - balancing insightful, intelligent reviews with laugh-out loud, gut-busting hilarity on a weekly basis! Can't recommend this show highly enough!!!
A very excellent show... the hosts know their genre movies and love talking about them. Fun stuff!
Easily my favorite podcast right now! These guys really know their stuff when it comes to genre cinema!! Coming from a fella who has seen a whole lotta movies, they are always turning me on to new films I've never seen before! And they love Ed Lauter! How can you not love a show where they talk about Ed Lauter!!
This is a great podcast if you want a show with a simple format without a lot of over the top stuff. The two hosts, Big Will and Samurai, are VERY knowledgable when it comes to cult cinema, expolitation, martial arts films, and kick a*s movies in general. The great thing about them is that they never complain and whine like most podcasters do, and they usually try to find the positives in even the worst of movies. My only problem with the show is the quality, usually on Big Will's end, but considering the two hosts are in different parts of the country, it's more than understandable. Overall, great and informative show!
what is the intro song called its sick!!!??