Fractured Horizon

Reviews For Fractured Horizon

I love the story, but am dissapointed with the end.
A very interesting story, with cool characters, well developed plot line and just plain fun. Not to mention the excellent narration of the author.
Very well written! And the author did a fantastic job reading the book as well.
I liked the plot and story. The narration is not the greatest (but it's free). The transitions to past memories of someone else are often pretty hard to follow. Even with the terrible transition music. I recommend it but it takes a little extra brain power to follow sometimes.
I like the story. Different from what I expected but a good escape. Would like to here more on this subject...
Great story and really great characters! Well written and read.
The story is very good but kind of hard to follow along with. While very interesting, the plot also seemed a bit choppy. I did really enjoy this story though and am hoping for a sequel!
Wonderfully done. This story is so good I was hooked from the word go. It was wonderful. Well written, socially poignant. I was immerse into her imaginary universe. She made my drive so pleasurable even with 2 accidents on the way home. Watching Kay and her memories brought through time via capsule and learning to survive in a world she did not belong in. She had to choose sides; the bioengineer warriors Adams, or the human visionary Royals who are at war; a war that was bound to destroy one side or the other?
As I listened to Fractured Horizons, by H.E Roulo, I was reminded of the popular show, Battle Star Galactica, the fight between Cyborgs –Adams and the Royals -- humans. Tonight is the final show of the series, I wait anxiously. I listened to the last episode of Fractured Horizon today. I had grown to know Kay, watching her memories brought to her on a chip, through the centuries, and learn to survive in a new world where she did not belong. She had to choose sides in a war that was bound to destroy one side or the other – did she choose correctly when she jumped and clung to the flyer, rescued by an Adam? Heather masterfully winds us around in her story, becoming friends with enemies and cringing when they betrayed us. I enjoyed Fractured Horizon and now hope the final hours of BSG can hold up its promised end as well as Fractured Horizon. Kay chose the right side. Or did she? And what adventures are ahead of her now?
This was an excellent find and I am totally enjoying H.E. Roulo's ability to take a complex series of plotlines and not loosing the listener. I am engaged and can't wait for the next installment. Keep up the good work! Now that you have completed the first book I want to know when book 2 will be available! I recommend this story for several reasons: The tale is intriguing and I love the Adams. Kay is a strong female MC and the Royals are talented so they too hold my attention. Your voce is really great for the first time podcasting and your editing skills are way above average of I have listened to. Will there be a print version? Maybe you could tell us in your blog? Thank you for offering up your work like this! Kudos!
This really is a great book, so hooked can't wait to hear what happens next.
I spent the weekend listening through the book and am totally hooked. I can hardly wait for the next episode to come out.
Great science fiction! Anyone who likes old fashion science fiction with a modernist twist, this is for you.
Such a great find! Roulo's excellent writing and narration have kept me glued to this podcast since episode one. The character development, plot twists, and leaps through time in Fractured Horizon are all very well turned. If you are a sci-fi or speculative fiction fan that appreciates an intricate story, this one is for you.