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Michael's teachings have changed my life. No other way to put it. He humbly brings current day issues to the table while providing the important context of the original scripture. The words "Church," or, "Religion" have in many ways, developed negative connotations over the past couple decades. Michael is changing that in the most decent way possible. He holds himself and other accountable, but through an honest, humble, fun and intelligent delivery that keeps me engaged to the very end. I am so thankful for his teachings, and even though I have moved to WA State, I still listen. I could not give a higher recommendation for a podcast.
I went to DCC from 2009 to 2011, when I moved to California. I’ve been gone for 3 years, and yet I still want to hear Michael’s teaching and be a part of this community. Michael has a wide understanding of 1st century Roman and Jewish culture, which informs his teaching on Scripture in a way that gives excellent context for us today…and he knows his content well enough to speak for 50 minutes without looking at his notes. He also has a great love for people, and a (wonderfully) nerdy sense of humor. This is a leader that I can follow.
Michael not only draws on the relevance of each passage that he preaches on, but he brings to light the context in which it would have been received in the time it was written. This brings new meaning and relevance to the stories of the Gospel. His wisdom and passion bring a fresh breath of life into your 'typical' church sermon. Whether via podcast or in person, DCC is a church to plug into.
If you are looking for real, authentic teaching on practical Biblical passages without being watered-down, then this is the place for you. Additionally, this teaching will challenge you to think differently about the world around you and your past experiences with the Church. I highly recommend the podcast, and I highly recommend the church if you happen to live in the area (1101 South Washington Street, Denver, Colorado 80210).