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I think it's great that someone like CNET is finally on Podcast it gives me a reason to use it again. I love all your categorical shows. Please keep producing great content, 😍.
Audio and video quality for this podcast seems to be down the drain lately. Show had a 24p feel to video and audio was CD quality. Feels like I'm watching a soap opera with audio that sounds like it's coming from a RealVideo feed circa 1998... It's ruining the experience!
You'd look long and hard to find anyone with a more honest, yet fun approach to reviews. Brian makes car tech entertaining.
The script and delivery are avant grade. You should be on prime time. I guess it's only a matter of time (no pun intended) and you will be. What's taking the execs at NBC so long to see a winning horse.
Informative and funny.
High quality videos look great on the big screen via AirPlay from the iPhone4; I like to watch it while I iron. I love how critical you are on every car. Seems so fair and balanced. On cars that I love (that yellow 911, the red M3) you were able to fairly point out their flaws or downsides.
Very good podcast. Keep up the good work.
It won't play on my iPod
Won't play on iPhone.
For my opinion I like car tech a lot. Brian Cooley does a great job describing the cars. And he adds in a little bit of comedy I give car tech two thumbs up!

By Cmacc
Brian is an arrogant tool.
Love this podcast! Finally car tech reviews! Keep up the great work
This podcast is great. Every episode is filled with lots of info in an entertaining way. When I first started watching the podcast I only watched the episodes when I was interested in the car they were talkin about, however now I watch every episode. For those who can not view the episodes on their ipod/phone/touch try the (sd) version ipods do not play hd
I want to watch this on my iPod touch but it dose not work.
Laport is good but Cooley is the man. Could he be the next king of the one liners? I think so. Hilarious!
Is anyone else having a problem syncing these episodes with an iPhone? The production quality is excellent, and it's always a joy to hear Cooley's perspective.
I found these podcast very good, informational and helpful to gather analytical specs among muliple brands of cars.
Really great, detailed, concise review of a variety of autos...Brian Cooley is detailed but concise, and gets to the interesting points with a lot of finesse. I love this podcast...always glad when a new episode comes out.
These podcasts won't play on my iPod touch


I love cnet's Car Tech podcast, GREAT selection of cars. Keep up the wonderful work!


Love it keep it coming
I love the guy's Commentary when he reviews the cars cause he tells it like it is to the average consumer. Shows all the in's and out's of the car in great detail


By ijamz
Really Nice to have HD reviews. Not much to say except that CNET does a great job, and Caretech is awesome.
nice ... good video quality ... right to the point
So I've been subscribed to the non HD version of this podcast for quite some time now and I find that Brian does a good job. He just tells how it is and he grabs a nice variety of cars. The HD version is much easier on the eyes. The audio quality could be better though!