CNET Top 5 (video)

Reviews For CNET Top 5 (video)

This podcast seems to be less about technology and more about nonsensical trends and other current minutia.
Top 5 for best gaming mouses? That would be amazing!
I think it's great that someone like CNET is finally on Podcast it gives me a reason to use it again. I love all your categorical shows. Please keep producing great content, 😍.
Always a good time.
I like this brief update to my digital expectations. I wrote a review because of a burning question. When did Donald Bell become so hot? I expected the mundane Clark Kent but latley I got a quote handsome superman. I'm delighted and can't wait to see the result of his New Years resolutions.
I love the fact that the videos are straight to the point. No ads. No long stories about useless information. Some bullets which are always good. Clear video. Funny commentator. I almost took away a star because some of the videos don't work but I will wait awhile and see if this improves.
I enjoy the sections on top electronics and stuff. Its a funny show too. I like this show.
Are lamely cool.
iPod isn't supported :(