Live, from a Shoebox

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They're funny, they're cute, and they're a*****es. It's like getting drunk with your most sarcastic friends, if you don't want to bother to put on pants to do it. (Alison, can I have my $5 now?)
I sample a lot of podcasts, looking for the funny stuff. I'll usually give any reasonably well-produced podcast two chances at making me laugh (two episodes). I didn't have to with this podcast. I listened to episode 14- "Alison is an A*****e" first and from the get-go I was laughing. Alison Agosti has a vein of defiance that results in some pretty funny antics. Going back and listening to previous episodes, it turns out that Stephen Nelson is funny too (especially when he does German accents!). "Oh Smacks ist gut." Just watch it--you'll be saying it too.
Good lord I love listening to this!! Steve and Alison have a wonderful chemistry together, and they just talk about anything that comes to mind in an offbeat and hilariously entertaining way! Really, all my other podcasts have become filler between Shoebox episodes!
First, get a shoebox. Then add equal parts burps, a nerdy dude, sweatpants, jokes about gay German boys, farts, Sweedish people, Twitter, a cute girl, beer, and awesomeness and you'll have a really yucky tasting concoction. Don't eat that. Instead, listen to it. Live. From a shoebox. Did you read all that? Then why haven't you subscribed? Subscribe now. Alison will send you a pizza if you do.
I just listened to every episode in one day! I didn't even do anything else! Because, obviously, listening to Steve and Alison talk to each other is preferable to: seeing friends, doing work, exercising, food eating, hygiene, or, internet.
You know those friends who are really hilarious and fun to hang out with? This is like that, but better: none of the awkwardness or inconvenience of actually hanging out.