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Thanks, Tom Shakespeare, for swatting this fly of a phrase, which irks me almost as much as “move on,” as in “accept you’ve been f’d over and move on.”
Sir David Attenborough's Point of View is among my favorite podcasts and after only hearing three episodes. Ten minutes well worth spent and an invaluable experience that not only nourishes one's intellect but stimulates curiosity to learn more and share. Sir David's Point of View on the natural world is just as intriguing and captivating to listen to viewing his documentaries or books. I highly recommend this podcast not just for the Attenborough enthusiast but for all those interested in natural history topics. Excellently articulated and interesting throughout.
If this is as good as everything else that Sir David has done in his career, it will be compelling listening. My heart lit up when I saw that this was coming to iTunes.