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If you want a podcast that quits a month into the season, then this is the podcast for you.
What happened to these guys.?
If you can get over the amateur NBA analysis and the serial mispronouncing of basic names (Tyrese Thomas and JJ Barrera), the fantasy analysis is pretty useful. They don't know the league well, so it would probably be annoying discussing hoops with them at the bar or something, but they do know how the stats translate into fantasy.


Could be great, but it's definitely not. Sound quality is horrible, sounds like talk radio with bad reception. During this first podcast I decided to listen to, they start out by talking about football and baseball news. Quit talking about Randy Moss on a fantasy basketball podcast and improve your sound quality please.
Like another reviewer said, there are few fantasy basketball podcasts. This crew gets props for that alone. Name butchering notwithstanding, the guys know there stuff. By butchering, I mean absolute slaughtering and then cremated !!!! But, again the info is good stuff.


By J'09
Thisll be my third year listening to the podcast. I started listening before rich came on, and am still listening now. It's great, best fantasy podcast on the market. Keep it up guys, and i'd love a shout out
unsubscribe. these guys can't seem to get any of the names right, nor can they give any relevant info out


By Krns315
Yuck horribly made
This podcast is poorly produced with silent gaps of around a minute and ransom cuts from the hosts college football show. If that wasn't enough the volume of one host ps deafening and the other is too quiet to hear. The miss pronounciation of late round fantasy relevent players is painful followed by cultural insensitivity was the straw that broke this camels back. Yi is a surname
Good to see some fantasy basketball podcasts. Its much tougher than football, more work, and this type of help is much needed, great job!
There are very few podcasts for fantasy hoops, so this is a great addition. Tony has done fantasy podcasts on other sports and really knows his stuff, and he is enthusiastic and entertaining. Another big plus for the basketball podcasts is that there are fewer Latino names for Tony to butcher, although listening to him twist his tongue around Emeka Okafor is worth a chuckle. He still says "fired up" about every 33 seconds, though, a little cliche diversity is in order.