Reviews For Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better Podcast

So happy to have found Dr. Park’s podcast. It is very enlightening to listened by covering many “layers” of potential problems that can go on with sleep. I like that he invites other professionals and specialists on the podcast to get everyone’s unique perspective. Thank you so much Dr. Park, you have opened my eyes!
An exceptionally useful, information-rich podcast by a physician with an apparent deep understanding of sleep disorders. The best episodes are discussions between Dr. Park and other subject-matter expert physicians. As a physician assistant who treats sleep apnea patients, such episodes are informative and provide fodder for further research of subject matter presented. One star removed for the unfortunate inclusion of Dr. Park's wife, whose annoying presence voice and verbal tics ("right?" at the end of seemingly every one of her statements) degrades what otherwise is an exceptional podcast.
I really appreciate the relaxed and easy to understand style of this podcast. It’s so educational and also fun to listen to!!!
Such a rich source of knowledge. You are making a huge impact Dr Park keep it up!
I have struggled for 5 years with fibromyalgia, cold hands/feet, blood sugar issues and tremors. No one could ever figure out what was going on. I have seen so many specialists and so many tests. You brought it all together and opened my eyes to how it’s all linked to my sleep breathing issues. I was able to advocate for myself and push for a more specific sleep test that finally caught the sleep breathing issue. Thank you so much. I was so desperate and feeling terrible with no solution in sight. I am so appreciative for your work in this area and sharing the information.
Thank you for the podcasts revolving around kids airway issues! As a dental hygienist, and a mom of kids with newly diagnosed airway issues, I’m learning more about the correlations every day.
The information Dr. Park and his wife Kathy provide is so valuable. I had no idea how important proper breathing during sleep really is. They present the information in an interesting and easy to understand manner. Listening to this podcast is time well spent. Definitely 5 star!
I’m a dentist that treats sleep apnea with mandibular advancement devices. Listening to this podcast has piqued my interest in the other methods for treatment and has given me a better understanding of sleep and breathing.
I have struggled to understand this problem and find doctors in my area that can help - dr park really knows this issue!
As a CPAP user now for 35 days, the 7 tips were a great resource to ensure my treatment goes well. I plan to listen to more episodes soon. Thank you.
I am a physician, and I learned way more from Dr. Park about sleep and breathing than I ever learned in my training in medical school and residency. His book and his podcasts saved my career (I was exhausted from undiagnosed OSA), and saved me from having a miserable life. They also profoundly changed the way that I practice primary care. If you struggle with CPAP, keep trying. I needed to do myofunctional therapy to learn to keep the tongue on the roof of my mouth, and now I do great with it. Don't give up trying, the rewards of a good night sleep are priceless.
As a orofacial myofunctional therapist I reference this podcast frequently for myself and my clients. Very practical and accuarate information for both the consumer and health care provider. A great way to educate yourself on sleep breathing issues
With a recent diagnosis of UARS after 20 years of wondering WHY AM I SO SLEEPY ALL THE TIME, this podcast is finally able to answer that question. More importantly, it gives me a sense of feeling understood. This is its real gem, especaily for those of us who live with a chronic sense of guilt over our sleep needs. Please adress this topic, too, if you would, Dr Park: the emotional aspect of sleep disorders. Keep up the good work!
Thank you so much for this podcast! I've learned so much already from your helpful content and guest speakers. What you've shared has armed me with terrific awareness and insight that I'm sharing with my ENT, chiropractor and TMD specialist to hopefully get to the bottom of my sleep and craniofascial issues. Thank you!!!
Excellent podcast. Very informative and educational.
There's so much great information in these podcasts that other doctors don't bother to tell you or they just don't know and want to give you a pill for everything. It's amazing how improper breathing can affect your health in so may ways that you would never imagine. I highly recomment listening to this podcast if you have sleep apnea, snoring issues and mouth breathing. Secondly he's a fantastic doctor with a great bedside manner. He isn't rushing you out the door like most doctors.
Helpful-actionable information - well presented.
Highly recommend this informative and interesting podcast that seeks to educate its audience on sleep apnea, obstructive airway syndrome, and other sleep related challenges. Please listen and also share with friends and family that may or may not have these issues. It is great!
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about three months ago & have been having multiple problems with using the CPAP equipment. Dr. Parks' podcasts & weekly emails are helping me to learn more about OSA & why it is so dangerous. He's one of the primary reasons I haven't returned my CPAP equipment to the supplier & decided to ignore my sleep apnea. I was astonished to learn that the etiology of conditions like systemic inflammation & fibromyalgia are similar in some ways to that of sleep apnea. I highly recommend making Dr. Parks' material part of your fight to treat & then cure your sleep apnea. He is definitely ahead of the curve with his efforts to educate & help patients with sleep apnea. I am very grateful to have access to his information via the internet.
Dr. Park brings a lot of experience and generously shares his knowledge on sleep apnea and related breathing/sleeping issues. The podcast doesn't just give medical info, but it identifies specific potential solutions for those suffering with apnea to consider and implement. Thank you, Dr. Park. I highly recommend this podcast!
Ok so the title might be a little bit of an exaggeration but I have to say that listening to this podcast has really helped me understand OSA, UARS and sleep disorders in general. In turn I am much better prepared to help myself, and I am truly grateful to Dr, Park for this. Dr Park interviews some of the absolute top people in the field, including Dr. Guilleminaut (I highly recommend listening to that episode a couple times, it is dense with info). Sleep apnea and related disorders are a complex thing, and for this reason many people like myself have trouble with the standard treatment of CPAP. Many doctors, including ENT’s, don’t even understand these sleep issues well enough (I am very fortunate to be a patient of Dr Park’s), so it is important that patients educate themselves.
A long time CPAP user with moderate results, I was curious to learn of the alternative of an oral appliance. This podcast was very helpful and informative. Recommended.
I have always enjoyed the information Dr. Park presents. This podcast on vitamin D was very good. I continue to struggle with sleep apnea and other sleep issues so the information presented has opened doors to consider treatments and how to mitigate things that impact me.