Reviews For TREKOFF

High Crass Humor for all to enjoy. A great podcast with lots to offer anyone with a sense of humor.
I found my way to this podcast from another well know podcast. I had no idea how awesome it was going to be. I cant listen to it at work anymore because I kept laughing out loud and everyone wanted to know what was so funny. There are just some things you cant (and probably shouldnt) explain. Plus by listening I was able to buy my own copy of Ninjas VS Zombies, a truly awesome movie. Try them both and youll like them too.
needed something to listen to while waiting for a new smodcast and found this it was freakin hilarious if you like smodcast go ahead and give this a try.
You guys are freakin' hilarious! I can't listen while driving, or drinking anything. Thanks for making me laugh over and over.
I dig it. Its funny, crass.. everything it says it will be.. call me a fan.
I came across this show one day and it is now my new favorite podcast. The guys are hilarious, imaginative and clever to boot, talking about whatever comes to their sick twisted minds. I highly suggest you check these guys out.