Reviews For Control Freaks | Electro | Progressive | Dubstep

These guys do some of the best work and by far have one of the best house mix podcasts around. I'm proud to say that I'm related to Foxx. Keep doing your thing bro!
Been following since Movement mix. Love them hard house beats!!
off the chain!!!!!!! Anybody who says any otherwise is.....$#@%!...... Well Well just say wrong but you get the picture Plez keep Feeding us !!!!!! Me so Hungry!!!
Just disappointed they haven't released a new one in almost two months :(
Love this podcast and follow it religiously. Great new tracks and mixes from different electronic genres. Fantastic song selection. New updates all the time. Amazing keep up the good work. To all the idiots who can't figure out how to use iTunes, please don't take it out on these amazing artists by giving them a low rating. My 6 year old neice knows how to download this podcast. Figure it out...
Shhh I love this podcast!!!!!!!!!! Best of the best! Please keep doing what your doing
this is redicoulous, they make you give a donation to get this podcast, whats the point of it being a free podcast then? if im mistaken,please tell me


how come this podcast doesn't work? when i subscribe to it just downloads the firts 30 seconds
This is one of the best electro house podcasts out there. Control Freaks never fails to deliver - they always mix the perfect amount of new and old; from the bangers to the stuff you've never heard of but are happy CF introduced you to it. The transitions are always smooth and they keep the mix running well. If I was a club manager and I could hire these guys, I would. Its quality DJs like CF that need to be spinning in clubs, if they aren't already.
eight equals emoticon some really good stuff here man 5 stars