Let's Dish Baby!!

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By loverk
Its on their website:]
were is taylor lautner i can't find him PLEASE itunes fix the problem alot of twilight fans r having panic attacks


Can someone tell me where Taylor lautner's interview is? Please? I can't find it. Thx!!


By Thptrek
Wat number is taylors interveiw i cant find it
i loved the podcast with taylor lautner. best thing ever:)
I'm also a HUGE Twilight fan and I just wanted to let you guys know that it was an awesome interview ! I can't wait for New Moon and maybe you'll get more Twilight actors on your show ! I look forward to it thanks for making my day :)


Wow! i am a HUGEEEE fan of twilight! and this was a pretty good interview!!
i'm soooooo excited i'm the first person!!!!


By *SMiLE*
im excited! :D im writing a pre-review. its going to be awesome! duhhhh.