The Work of Byron Katie

Reviews For The Work of Byron Katie

The "work" is radical in its simplicity for what it promises; all I can say is that a week into it-it has delivered.
Total fulfillment can be achieved from the work. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this with the world, Katie.
Julian -you are not the only one. You spoke for me and so many others who’s bed has been their capture. You are Brave. Thank you Byron Katie!
I am amazed at the depth to which Byron Katie’s four questions probe to the heart of all our thoughts about ourselves, our family, friends and world issues. Thank you.
I'd had Byron Katie's work recommended to me, but hearing these podcasts really conveys the transformational power. Thank you!
Her work speaks itself. The awakening of consciousness is really happening in the world like we've never seen before. And this woman is one of public teachers who's practice instantly works. I'm so thankful for her and what she relays from above. Healing is really possible and this is a great tool to add to the bag of overall health. Xoxo
What a perfect piece in this economy.
This is something touches my soul. I wish There are more episodes.
The beauty of Byron Katie's "The Work" is that it simply but powerfully challenges your long held beliefs about yourself. Her method is one in which you ask yourself 4 questions (aka "the work") and really listen to the responses. I highly recommend her first book "Loving What Is" as well as these podcasts. As someone who has read alot of self help books in an attempt to heal myself, her process is a SIMPLE one. These podcasts demonstrate her kindness, patience and the ease of adapting her methods to address your issues.
These short video podcasts are like little "aha" moments. They're wonderful, thought-provoking, and truly helpful. I think Byron Katie is amazing -- she really shows you what YOUR Work is. Too often, we're focusing on what's wrong with everyone else and why we're so unhappy. Through watching her do The Work with others, you can then think about it for your own life and realize that's really all you can control -- your own thoughts. I hope she uploads more!
What a healthy dose of living in the moment.
The Work of Byron Katie is an amazing, life-changing process. I highly recommend it!!