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Some people like "OMG the L-word ahhh!" And I'm just like, girrrllll so U saying gay and lesbian are cussing?! Get over yourselves! This is awesome
Amazing podcasts for any lesbian or not so lesbian person. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a shame it wasn't on longer.


The epitome of boring lesbians. Have you actually listened to yourselves? I couldn't even get thru one episode.
I just discovered you guys! I'm looking forward to listening to every episode. You guys are like my morning coffee.
What happened to you guys? I Love and Miss listening to you!! Please come back?:/
Missing this podcast! Why no updates?
Love the podcast. Very needed for the lesbian community at large. Well done.
Good job! The audio was very clear, the interaction between the hosts was awesome. I could tell they were really enjoying themselves. The jokes were funny and the comments about certain public figures were funny, too. They did not hold back, totally uncensored opinions...the way opinions should be!
This podcast is amazingly fun! The hosts are great and very informative, while at the same time covering wide aspects of the topics concerning the LGBT community. It also gives attention to entertainment news/rumors which are always interesting. The best part of the podcast though is definitely the interviews! Great job ya'll!
This is a great podcast that features three younger lesbians, living in San Francisco. They are incredibly relatable, sharing stories from their personal lives, while providing interviews that are both informative and entertaining. Coming from someone who lives in a small conservative town, I'm always on the lookout for ANYTHING that has to do with queer culture, and I have to say that The Lesbian Podcast is one of the better gay themed podcasts on iTunes. These girls help me laugh and feel a little less alone in the big gay universe!
These women are smart and funny, irreverent but conscientious, politically astute but silly. This is a fun show. Listen to the Lesbian Podcast and you will get a little window into the lives and minds of some witty San Francisco lesbionic interweb renegades. ;)
l love this pod cast. wish there were more lesbian things on here to DL keep up the great work. love listening to you girls. :-)
I really enjoy listening to this podcast! Love the interviews! Charlie is a super cool, beautiful woman! My favorite episode was the one with God-des and She! Keep up the good work!