Kimball Collins

Reviews For Kimball Collins

Thank you for the effort you put in. I appreciate the places you music takes me. (^O^)/
Thanks for keepin it real bro! Saw you in orlando long time ago. Best time of my life. You're still blowin it up. You make the best trance i've ever heard. Peace
Loving the KC. Fond fond memories of the glory days in trance music. Generation Trance 2000 anyone? You can't replace those days :)
To many of us who had to grow up and play in the real will ALWAYS be the the Wizard of Aahz! I feel like a kid in a candy shop finding your newer mixes here. How about an honest oldschool mix for us early 90"s fans that spent many nights dancing our guts out in the old Beachum Thearter!
Still in true form and really glad to hear some Dj's haven't sold out.... Keep spinning Kimball.