Reviews For Freedom Scientific FSCast

Podcasts like this are cool especially so that way you can keep up with the events of technology. When you talked about the windows 10 creators update for the fall, I already installed it last week. It’s also nice to see what’s going around with the programs that you guys have been doing. And we’re also looking forward to just being able to work with Microsoft edge since it’s not been working since it was released. And, it’s also good when you guys do that. I listened to this for a year, Even though I heard it on the computer before but never actually got to go honey. Nice work by the way!
Omg, this is one of the best podcasts ever! I love hearing Jonathan Mosen talk about all the technology from Freedom Scientific and what events are happening. His New Zealand accent is fun to listen to. I highly recommend this podcast. Especially if you're an I-tunes user who's visually impaired.