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hey kevin its austin. you have got to show me how to make these sometime. overall, all of it is awesome.
yo kevin, still here listening still lovin. i see how your music got gradually longer then just skipped to hour longs. anyways the musics great. ya reggin, ..aha Zach.
Kevin!!!!!!!!!!! after I found out you had podcasts you know I had to get them :) you're so legit! Don't worry I am still practicing my dance moves haha.
Very well then. basshunter isn't a bad artist. It's just that most of his music is a bit over rated. Not only that they all sound way too similar. But, that doesn't matter one bit. My goal is to please my fans and give them what they want. Watch out for a Basshunter special coming soon! ;) -ZemoG
This Is One of the best podcast ever!!! Im still listning to the very first podcast. I would recommend this to ANYONE!! Keep up the good work kevin