Reviews For HOST and GUEST

You guys have to rename your episodes. More and more people are downloading directly from their iPhones/iPods and you have to give people a clue as to who is on each episode. If you download the latest and don't like it then you'll probably give up on the show. If you can see who the guests are and see someone you like on a paticular show then you're more likely to listen and give the show a chance.
Love the format. Sweet and to the point. Little intros with Rick's life add a lot of color. The questions Rick asks always make the interviews interesting. I love listening every week!
I think this show is excellent! The main reason I like it is because of Rick's choice of guests. I am exposed to talent I was unaware of or haven't heard from in some time. Plus the laid back approach makes the guest(s) more real, which is always great. Download these shows!
Rick sure is a host, and he has guests. Great ones! Love this podcast. Rick's personal stories keep this podcast relevant in the podcasting battlefield.
Rick does a great job interviewing the different artists and keeps things moving! It's a good listen and a great way to find out about a wide variety of artists.
Love the show. It is true to its name. I just enjoyed episode 24, an interview with Greg Proops. You've got to listen to this podcast!
Great interviews! I wish I had the guts and the pull to just walk up to preforming artists like Jimmy Pardo, Sklar brothers, and Stella and just talk with them like normal folks. Definitely entertaining and worth the download.
Rick Katschke brings a constant stream of entertainment, episode after episode, time after time. I look forward to every new episode. Which each minute, I feel that I am brought ever closer to the guests, even possibly getting to know them on a personal level, through Rick as he interviews them on the show. I would gladly recommend Host and Guest to anyone I know. And even to those who I don't.
His guests are good, his interview style is sweet as sugar, and the length is like an agreeable sexual encounter cut violently short. What I'm trying to say is, if this podcast was a basketball player, it'd be Manute Bol.
Rick has a great knowledge of comedy and music which he brings to each interview. Really am impressive independent Podcast. Love that every week I get 20 minutes of Host and Guest. Keep up the good works.
This is a great podcast. It isnt too long, the format is simple and the interview are interesting. I know not what more could be wanted. Rick is a BAMF
If I were to try and emulate the show, it would probably turn out exactly the way it is right now!