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I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning....it use to be better, but these podcasters, particularly Ashley, seem like they are bored and going through the motions. Why do a podcast when you don't like the show? It's really unsufferable at this point. Very negative and contemptuous atmosphere from the podcasters. I predict it will fade away once the HBO show is over. Terrible podcast at this point.
The mics are terrible. All the hosts have reverb on their voices. One of them has a cough and keeps coughing into the mic. One of the guys is talking to a pet or a child in the background. There’s a ton of nervous laughter. For something so long running and acclaimed this is a really unprofessional and annoying podcast.
Ashley is the biggest Debbie Downer. S8E3... we all know that GOT is now high production Fan Fiction since the brilliant source material dried up long ago... but at least the show is still fun. The other two hosts at least try and have a positive view and enjoy the ride... but if you listen to this, “The Long Night”, episode... the negativity is no fun to listen to. As Ashley said about her disdain for Lyanna Mormont... “I just can’t anymore”... and that’s how I feel about Ashley and this podcast. I get enough negativity in the world through reading social media and the news. Misery loves company... I just can’t anymore.
I have listened to this podcast for a couple of years and have finally had enough. Total snobs about the tv show. One of them rated Season 8, Episode 2 at 1.5, a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, an episode universally hailed as one of the greatest of the season. Words of advice... you’re not the only ones that have read the books and the fact that you can’t enjoy both is sad. Good luck on waiting for the final two books, the last which will probably never come.
It is quite obvious that none of these idiots have anything more than a surface knowledge of the GRRM universe. Simple facts, character timelines, and historical references are completely lost on these morons as they bumble from scene to scene in a review apparently satisfied with commenting on the flakiest of details. Also, they have no conception of how storylines are crafted and think the show creators allow things into the episode that have no meaning. Every minute of the episode costs millions of dollars to produce. Do you think Jon and Arya talking about swords was just happenstance? No, it sets up a critical element to be used later in the show. Storytelling 101. This show nearly gave me an aneurysm. Do not listen if you are an actual fan of this universe and have a memory longer than that of a goldfish. PS. How do you not remember where Gentry is?! They devoted half an episode into getting him out of King’s Landing!!!
If you are going to host a podcast on the topic, at least be somewhat knowledgeable about the topic. Just some notes: Euron did have a Crow’s Eye on his sails in the books. You should know that was the Golden Company. Next episode is obviously going to be exposition during a trial for Jamie with the Army of the Dead striking at the end. There was literally SO MUCCH!! Step your game up.
I have been with this podcast since...well, not the beginning...but close to it. I've loved watching this podcast grow, and evolve. A great group. One of my all time favorite podcasts!
If you hate where the show has gone the past couple seasons and are just looking for someone to vent your frustrations about it-- this is the podcast for you. If you want to actually get hyped and excited about the show, this podcast is nothing but a bummer that focuses entirely too much on their negative opinions. The hosts' mic quality also ranges from good to acceptable to straight up terrible (Ashley), so it can be very unpleasant to listen to beyond their negativity. But like I said, maybe you're looking for someone who shares your negative opinion of the show. And maybe you're looking for varying degrees of bad microphone quality. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kyle and company are a bunch of whiners and haters. I've heard other podcasters who are book readers, that put out more intelligent and enjoyable GoT podcasts. It's just perplexing that Kyle acts totally different in his other after buzz podcast. This podcast ranks second to last, just behind Unspoiled.
"A Podcast of Awkward Laughter and Pauses."
Excellent in depth exploration of everything Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire. No gags no gimmicks, just good analysis.
I'm confounded about how this podcast has won awards and is still around (apparently, as they are really proud of telling you both of those things). The hosts don't sound enthusiastic about being there, it's like making this podcast is an afterthought or a drag to them. The sound quality is rather poor. Mostly, it's very boring. They seem proud to have opinions, but don't come across as being interested in much more than making a podcast and having some kind of opinion. Too bad their thoughts are so uninteresting I was falling asleep trying to listen. So many better podcasts out there for ASOIAF/GoT. Don't waste your time here, they certainly didn't bother putting much into making this podcast. *Yawn*
Always worth a listen. Any fan who loves the Song of Ice and Fire book series should listen. And the show commentary is great too. They also give a nice mix of serious commentary and pure fun.
Please guys fix the audio issues and quality.
Dig these guys, some of the hosts can be annoying yes, but with guests like Aziz and other solid peeps contributing good insights w humor.
I'd like to continue listening to this podcast, but the sound quality is just horrific.
Audio goes from mono to stereo often, separating channels and making listening with one earbud impossible, meaning I can't listen to it at work, meaning I can't listen to this podcast. Discussion in episodes are fine but Audio issues ruin my experience.
This podcast is great! Finally, a podcast that focuses on books and doesn't hold back from talking about theories due to spoilers! Love the length of the episodes too! Great for helping the day go buy at work!
A great companion to the books. Informed, accessible, thought out. Among the best podcasts, which these days are often part of aspiring pod networks. ASOIAF is their focus and appreciation is their purpose.
Great podcasts especially as they relate to the shows. Thanks to all involved. Love these
This podcast is super negative, and they complain about any minor change from the books. The hosts do not seem to understand when adapting a story from a book to another medium, some things change. Take a film class.
I found this podcast nearly a year ago when I was looking for something ASOIAF-related. I am not a purist, so, unlike some other reviewers, I do not find the sidetracks or rabbit trail annoying. I find it hilarious. Reminds me of my old guild from an MMORPG and feels as comfortable as old friends.
Good Podcast .. but that Katie is such a downer … nothing is worse on these than the Comic Book Guy podcaster .." It was ok … nothing really happened . I could have done better .. if only I was the show runner" and the laconic voice she puts on .. UGH ! But I had to laugh out loud ..literally LOL .. when she was threatening to stop watching.. HA! what a joke .. Guys you really don't need this sort of attitude .. this is meant to be fun !! "Worst Episode Ever!"
I have listed for years, since before there was such a thing as HBO's Game of Thrones. I don't go to message boards and read all the crazy theories, I listen to this podcast instead. They do discuss the show, but this is really for book readers who can't get enough of a A Song of Ice and Fire and also like to talk about the show. It got me through the the waiting period for A Dance with Dragons and I am counting on it to get me through the wait for The Winds of Winter. I feel like I know this people even though we have never met and they haven't even meet each other. It feels like a secret club I joined even though anyone can do it just by downloading an episode. There is not a lot of talking at my workplace so this is like listening in on a conversation, there are ebbs and flows and they probably need some editing but overall I am glad I am part of House Manwoody and I recommend highly.
A joy to listen to, exactly what I need to get me through the work day.
I recently started listening to several ASoIaF podcasts. Love the Books and any insight is always nice. I listened to an episode wherein the podcasters described an award they had just received. After several minutes of listening to them congratulating themselves I turned it off. The next episode I listened to was supposed to be a review of The Princess and the Queen. There were a lot of people talking over one another, lots of page-flipping, some disagreements or misremembering of quotes, which I was totally willing to sit through, but then the F-bombs started dropping and once again, I turned it off. It's their podcast, they can say what they want and all that. There's definitely a fair amount of cursing in the books, but in a textual analysis (which I thought this was) using the F word as an adverb doesn't fit with what you're doing. It ends up sounding like kids trying to seem grown up. So, this might be a great podcast (or might have been at one time) but from what I heard it just seemed disorganized and immature.
The hosts know an incredible amount about the books, but the podcast is hard to listen to. They don't even edit! Birds can be heard in the background, they make their plans for the next pods on air, and the hosts calls drop! Not to mention the length of each podcast. I really don't know how they win awards.
It really sounds as if they are having a conversation, and having no one to talk about the books I really apreciate that! Not only they are really funny and dirty at times (mostly dirty), they add a lot of insightfull theories and comments.
This podcast is perfect for fans who love the book and need an intelligent discourse about the series. Included in that is excellent discussions on the TV shows as its own entity and as it relates to the books. Yeah, I disagree with their opinions or ideas sometimes, but it is all part of it; hearing others' ideas to get a broader scope. I don't get why people would get so fussy over different opinions.
Listen and laugh. I found this podcast while I was ripping apart the books during the first season. After reading Dance I finally listened to my first episode which was "Guys Nigth Out V3" and have been subscribed ever since.
"They may not always be right, but they're fun most of the time."
Congrats on the winning the Geekie Award! Been listening for 4 years, keep the door creaks coming.
Great guests from Tower of the Hand, Westeros
i was weary at first, but after a few episodes i figured out their dynamics, i really liked to listen to their banter and self-aware nitpicking.
The guys are pretty funny to listen to. Especially the girl. But it seems its more on the show not the books but that maybe because the earlier episodes are not available. Why can't I download the earlier episodes ?????
Funny, insightful, and entertaining. They rustle my jimmies sometimes but overall I love all the hosts. Amin is the best btw, come at me bros. Also, plz get the guy from Tower Of The Hand on the show more!
Once I started listening to A Podcast of Ice and Fire, I couldn't stop! I love the hosts, as they are upbeat and very funny. They definitely help keep me interested in the series while waiting for the next. More focused on the books, which I love, but focuses on HBO's Game of Thrones during the season. If you don't want to be spoiled, listen after you've read the books.
Sorry this is a few years late, but I love listening to you guys. Came to GRRM-world from the HBO show, found you a few years ago post-TV season 1 & went all the way back to the beginning to catch up with all episodes as I read the books. Nerd rage 4eva! Now if only I can get my wife [3 times through the books, winteriscoming.net addict] listening as well. . .
If you are going to host a show based on a series of books, you probably should have read them once or twice. Maybe do some research, come to some conclusions before you start to record. Listening to the hosts figure out why Gendry was leached was so boring and painful. "Where did this come from?" The girl host says. Try the books! These two spend half the show figuring out what they just saw..... I wish this show would discus the themes and character development of the books and show, but the can't even keep the plot straight!
Do yourself a favor and subscribe. They know what they're talking about and have good discussions about the books and television series.
I gave this podcast a try for a few episodes but I cant get over all the book superiority. I've read all the books but I genuinely enjoy the tv show too. Whenever the tv show strays from the book these podcast hosts just hate it. I just can't listen to people ragging on a show on and on when it's not deserved. Ashley is incredibly annoying and her crappy mic isn't doing her any favors. She complains the way through!! The guys on the podcast are ok. I think I'll stick to the better podcasts out there that have more of an open mind to change and reasonable critiquing of the tv shows flaws.
Ice and Fire fans tend to be high quality and this cast shows this off in spades. Excellent life loving and unique personalities insightful and fun commentary and a raw youthful energy shows why fandom can be such a rewarding thing. Expect to learn, laugh and comment along. On a tech note audio quality and small show structure details should be improved to do justice to the great content. If your a fan please support this crew!
Great and funny show who provide great incite into ASOIAF. Would recommend that you get Elio and Linda on more. Though you do need to work on the audio quality and the AGOT nerd rage.
I really am glad I found this podcast and have been listening for some time. I do love to nerd out about the books and all the hosts are great especially when they argue about minutiae in the ASOIAF series. Love the very expert level guests and people who have an intelligent opinion.
Crazy thorough. They will tell you about things you missed in the book and then spend an hour talking about them. If you really want to nerd out and be the guy or girl that doesn't miss anything in the books, this is the podcast for you.
Not sure how I lucked out and found these guys first when I was looking for a podcast, but this is the best one. All book purists, but not too hung up on that to enjoy what is good about the show. Good balance of disparate personalities. Don't let the nerd rage subside. Keep flipping those tables. Maybe get a new theme song? And quit saying "as always" before introducing yourselves since you're not all always there (except Amin). This is nitpicking though. This is the podcast for true fans of the WORLD, not just the HBO show and the hype that surrounds it. Long live House Manwoody
This is it. The original podcast. They are first and foremost fans of the books, which is why I like listening to their reviews of the HBO series. But that is all I listen to from them now. It was fun listening their review of Dance with Dragons when that came out, but while GRRM isn't producing any real material, the podcast tries to sustain itself by diving as far into the material as possible. After a certain point, I started to zone all that out, because I am just not as big of a fan as they are. They know their stuff regarding the material and it is definitely worth listening to!