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Rachel Maddow is so important. Her focus is strikingly perceptive. Her book Prequel is , despite not having read it , but having listened to several long lectures by the Author and Interviews with Rachel is a Doctoral Paper cubed in both History and Sociology. She amazes me and she is a true beacon of light in a time of Political fear and darkness. Congratulation's Rachel it is a privilege to listen & read your missives. D.S. BERMAN
What happened to the production? I’ve listened to this podcast since day one. I’ve been listening since Rachel was a guest host on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. And things keep going downhill. I listen to multiple podcasts and audiobooks and everything at 1.75x -2.0x, and for weeks now, all the Rachel Maddow audio and video podcasts are always resetting my speed to 1.0x EVERY TIME!!!! It’s been at least 3-4 weeks!! I’ve submitted it to Apple Podcasts multiple times, and no change. Make it stop. I’m driving, and this podcast comes on, and it’s like I have hit a wall, or the speaker is in syrup 🙄. So I have to either mess with my phone to change the speed or listen to people who sound like they are under anesthesia until I get to a parking spot 😒. I hate it. At least Rachel talks fairly fast, but she’s never on anymore, and her guest hosts are SOOOOO SLOW 😭😭😭.


Are you sure your not a dude.
I miss Maddow, so at times I go back and listen to old episodes. Sad to see them go.
If one is in the slightest way discerning, the bias and animosity against anything non Biden jumps out. I don’t like trump but this make me vomit.
Please unsubscribe me from this podcast. It’s an absolute joke. She has no credibility any more!
What’s the deal with the video being cut off mid-sentence with interviewees? This has happened more than once. How very amateurish. Rachel - and we the viewers - deserve better.


By asongqi
Sometime after 9/11, I believe around the time we were going to war with Iraq, I made myself start watching the national news again and found Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow - both of them so impressed me that I regained my long-lost faith that the news can be reported not only with honesty and integrity but also without bias (or corrupted influence). To this day, Rachel - along with Nicole Wallace and Lawrence O'Donnell (other MSNBC hosts at the time who are still currently working on the network) - have been fearless and honest, often reporting on stories others won't take up for a variety of reasons, and have led to the newer generation of MSNBC reporters like Mehdi Hassan and Ali Velshi. 💖💖💖💖💖💖☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
Rachel Maddow is the best of the best for breaking down news stories to a level that helps the regular viewer can see the important points. Alex has been doing an awesome job stepping into those shoes and she is to be applauded :)
When a person is so ignorant and unschooled they feel overwhelmed by Ms. Maddow’s brilliance. They listen to trump and actually understand the gibberish when he speaks his endless lies. Never knew there were so many of them though. Hope to keep listening to Ms. Maddow for years to I am unable to listen to that NASAL VOICE OF the replacement of Rachel. Alex Wagner.
She’s the best on TV for reporting the truth on what’s happening in America today and backs it up with facts. If everyone tuned in to her our country would be different
I miss Rachel M. as well. I hardly watch MNBC any longer since she left the 6:00pm California time. Loved her voice tone. Loved all of her. Alex’s voice is to whinney, not a good replacement for RM. Joy’s voice tone would have been a better fit. Joy’s strong attitude would have been a better replacement for me. Anyways, I watch Ari and Joy when I can catch them.
Rachel is great, but she tends to ramble and repeat herself, says “I mean” to much and strays off topic. A witty and incisive story teller to be sure. Her best efforts are on “Bagman” and “Ultra.” Alex is more concise and organized. Her presentations and interview techniques are sharply honed and her follow up questions are quick and skillful.
Miss Rachel. I’ve jumped to Fast Politics.
Why is there only one episode for the video version of this show? At least allow us to see the full Monday recordings! Give us a reason to subscribe to this podcast.
I have to agree, without Racheltherw is little to draw me to MSNBC- BUT I understand why Rachel wanted to step back - she only has one life and she doesn’t have to spend it all educating us. Let the woman live in peace and be thankful when you do get to see her- I know I am.
Rachel’s departure leaves a big hole. MSNBC did a very poor job of transitioning. They dropped Alex into the show out of nowhere, no introduction to speak of, no history for her, a harsh speaking voice. She tries hard but is miles away from effective. Nicole Wallace and Ari Melber are both very good:honest, real, effective, very competent, well informed. Both of their shows are excellent. Glen Kirchner does well also - the only ones worth watching
I am seriously annoyed, yet again, with the podcast production. First we lost the video of the entire show (phooey) but we at least got the ‘A’ block. Now they’ve decided that we don’t get that either. WTH?!? Come ON people! Why can’t we get our measly bit of video? (The three stars is an average between five for the show and zero for the missing video.)
Sorry but since Rachel stepped back, my MSNBC watching has greatly decreased. Alex doesn’t cut it. I m now there to watch Kate Tur, Lawrence and Stephanie. That’s it. Please come back, Rachel!
Where did the video podcast go??? it disappeared around Feb 3rd, 4th? on apple feed. :(
It’s the story telling that got me! The background build up to show relevance. Then she shares the news event and why it matters. I’ve learned so much! Thank you, Rachel.
She does her homework.
I enjoy the show; but where is Rachel? Is she no longer the anchor of her show. The new anchor is good too. Just wondering where Rachel went. She definitely has a unique delivery.
I would have given 5 stars but only one episode at week is actually Rachel. Please stop uploading the other show here, she has her own podcast for her audience. I miss 5 days at week of RM specially the crazy Friday’s
You have a hard of hearing and deaf audience that has followed you on your tv show, which has captions. Majority of us would benefit greatly with English language captions or a typed transcripts of the podcasts. Thank you for considering this.
I have been with you since you started at MSNBC ! I have watch you twice a day and recorded every show ! You are fantastic in all the work you do , report to us with truth ! One of the Best ! Please come back full time ! 💕we miss your daily reporting , not been the same since you went to one day ! Not that upu explain how to get to your podcast , I can’t wait to start watching ! TY for what you do !


By glo255
She gives the facts and the story behind the facts in a clear and precise manner.
Her breathless coverage of the Collusion hoax will go down in history. She had so many of her viewers embarrass themselves to coworkers and family claiming the “net was closing” on Trump. Turned out Hilldog just made it all up…
This stunning history and the way the story is told is something everyone should listen to. My first thought at the end of the latest episode is that it’s like the intersection of the 60’s series Get Smart, Homeland and what’s happening today. It would be unbelievable if January 6th didn’t happen. I predict, sadly that the only people who will listen are those who are based in reality and paying attention. This story, so far, seems to be the blueprint for all things January 6th and leading up to it. Father Coughlin is Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. Now there’s an army of them. This also intersects with Shadow Network (Anne Nelson’s book) and other contemporary writers who are warning us and have been for years, including Nancy McClean who warned us in 2017 with her book Democracy in Chains. Sally Denton, with the Guardian wrote an article titled Why Is So Little Known About the 1930’s Coup Attempt Against FDR? She mentions Father Coughlin, but you start with the 1940’s, unless I missed something. I wonder why?
Fake news MSDNC I am so happy that large numbers of people do NOT trust fake news and want to retaliate. Which is why the Disney BOYCOTT going so well and the stock dropped 45%. Since Comcast cable owns MSDNC, Nothing But Communism, CNBC,Universal Studios there are many BOYCOTT opportunities
Miss your show at 9pm, your replacement doesn’t keep my attention tried to give her the benefit of my doubt but had to give up.
Rachel has the singular ability to report an inch wide and a mile deep. This is the true path to Mastery of the the many contemporary issues we are faced with today.
Rachel has an unique format and draws you in with masterful story telling. She not only tells you about crucial events of the day, she gives you the backstory, historical beginnings leading to them. She gives you something different from what other shows repeat all day. Alex is okay, but her show is something I don’t mind missing.
Leftist garbage
I miss Rachel and her conversational tone and pace of speaking; it was relaxed and easy to listen to. When listening to Alex, on multiple occasions I’ve checked to see if I accidentally touched the speed setting on my iPhone.
Our favorite forever! We miss the steady, honest reporting she offered! Ms Wagner is fine and offers much the same, but just isn’t Rachel!
She was great for a long time. But she became a part of the special people. And became boring.


She is a known lying sack of bullish;t
I love all her programming. Miss not seeing her every night. She has a way of reporting the news that keeps you captive. She not afraid to call it what it is. She is brilliant!
I agree with so many reviewers before me that Rachel Maddow is the best when it comes to delivering political news. She has been my very favorite podcast of about 20 or so that I listen to every day. I’ve long felt her show is not that interesting when she’s away. Now that’s 80% of the time. I’m not really digging that, personally speaking. Of course, she has the right to work whatever schedule she can work out with her employer, but this one day a week appearing on the show is pretty lame in my opinion again. I’d prefer she either stay or go. Popping in 20% of the time is lame, IMO.
Is there a way for a petition by the states voters can force a response about gun laws? With your reporting you can help this forward. I always watch your show and your reporting that makes the subject understandable.


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I very much appreciate Ali Velshi.
I’m a super fan of the truth and phenomenal women of which you are a part of. I just wanted to say thank you for your ethical journalism and your humility. I record your show every day so I can skip the commercials 😂. You and your team are the bomb, if you ever come to Philly, I’ll be in the audience.
Dear Ms Maddow, I’m a Buddhist, living in Salt Lake City, UT. Although, I don’t belong to any religion, I thank God (complete Respect intended), I watch your programs (MSNBC) and listen to your Podcasts…RELIGIOUSLY! Note: EMPHASIS - NOT volume of voice - is MY INTENDED use of Capital Letters. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, FOREVER. And, so many of us in Utah, love your brilliance AND wonderful personality = Humor helps us SURVIVE to fight against ALL threats to American Democracy. We WILL NOT GIVE UP.