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I've been with this podcast since episode 1 and I'm not tired of it yet. Love the podcast.
I really like the show, a lot, and was directed here from PS Nation. But, both the schedule and hosts are so damn sparatic you just can't rely on it. I still give it 5 stars because I won't knock the hosts for having lives.
Josh plz stay on the show and Joel u guys r funny don't leave it will be diffrent if u do plz don't leave


Even without the entire group together recently this podcast still manages to be very informative. If you need to know what is going on in xbox world recently you should tune in. It's also a good show to listen to if you just want to hear some opinions on video games as well.
They provide a non biased view of what's going on regarding the 360. This coming from a guy who doesn't own a 360
It's nice to hear videogame discussions from people who aren't biased. Unlike many other console specific podcasts.
One of the best 360 podcast also unbiased
Out of the 113 podcasts I listen to, this is one I look for, and enjoy everytime. They are normally the top of the week, and if not they always in the top 3. Great podcast.
After hearing one of there episodes, I went and bought a 360. These guys are funny and informative. Great show!
I really like these guys since they are so easy to listen to. No yelling over one another or stupid inside jokes that none of the listeners have a clue about like other podcasts *cough* ign *cough*. My only gripe is that they tend to go on about arcade games which im not the biggest fan of and i wish they would concentrate on the bigger titles. All things aside i really enjoy this podcast and its definitely worth listening to if your a fan of videogames.
A great and informative podcast about the Xbox360.
top gun podcast , one of the best or best xbox theme podcast in itunes very interactive with the people and my most licend to podcast.....
If you have a 360 this is the podcast 4 u u get the latest updates about the 360 subscrbe u wont regret it
great podcast they talk about all systems which is good
They're kinda new to the podcast scene, but you would never know it by listening to them.The only complaint I have is that they don't do podcasts more often.
I love this podcast, it is of the highest quality of video game casts, along with all the other VGEvo casts. Thanks again guys!
You guys are great to listen to and know your games. I like the fact that you are always on top what's new on XBL and that you have nights where you play on line with your Listeners. Add me on to your list...Gamertag- carm666
These guys do a super great job of talking about the 360 and anything else that's on their minds. They're always easy to listen to and I always enjoy it :) Go 360Nation!
360 Nation is a great podcast in more ways than one. Its a great, informative and fun podcast to listen to, with two really good guys who focus on the Xbox 360 and the fun you can be having on it. If you are a 360 gamer you need to subscribe to 360 Nation.
Congrats on being a part of the VGEvo podcast community guys. The show maybe focused on the 360 but they talk about the games that they play from any console, which makes them gamers and not fanboys focused on only one system. The new format is a great change to the show Justin and Josh. I like hearing your views on the 360 since I have changed my ways thinking that the PS3 is the best console this generation after buying my Elite 360 a while ago and liked the console since the NXE update. Keep up the great show guys and don't let the blind PS3 love on VGEvo sway you from enjoying your games on the 360.
A great podcast and a worthy addition to anybody's podcast listening lineup.
I heard about this podcast on PS Nation podcast (another great podcast) and decided to subscribe. Many podcasts ramble and are hosted by fanboys but these hosts are very informative. Also, the strategy guide for Ninja Guiden 2 was fantastic. The new experimental format is fresh change. Keep it up!!!!
This is a very good podcast. Also stop complaning about them talking about the PS3, it dosen't matter, i actually like it.
I subscribed to your podcast wanting to hear talk and opinion about XBOX 360 games. 10 mins into the newest episode ... and its been Warhawk, Force Unleashed (PSP), SFIV (PS3), Flower, Haze. Really? REALLY? I have listened to about five shows hoping you guys would eventually live up to your name, but you guys seem more like PS3 fanboys trying to market Sony products to 360 owners. Change your name to PS360 Nation. This way people know what they are gonna get when they listen.
This is an utterly informative and entertaining podcast!! I look forward to each new episode.
If you are interested in gaming and want to hear the opinions from the real gamers check this out! It's like sitting around your couch with your buddies while you blow up baddies in Halo but done by the guys who do this 24/7!
I've caught your last 3 podcasts and I have to say that I really enjoy it. It's great to finally get a podcast of people who have multiple systems and not trash other consoles. Great job guys keep up the great work.
I am a big fan of the podcast. I do not care if you guys are talking about other systems. This is the podcast to get if the other podcast are going down.
what a great podcast, it is not biased in a ny way, and they actually have fun, is similar to psnation. keep up the good work.
I love this podcast. In a land where 360 isn't that popular, I listen to this podcast when I drive my motorcycle everywhere. Keep it up gentlemen! RyaninTaiwan
Great laid back podcast. These guys are real gamers not xbots... good since of humor. - Rman5000
Came looking for xbox 360 news and info. So I gave 360 Nation a shot. But I came cross ps2,psp and ps3 talk! which isnt a bad thing,but I was looking for more xbox then playstation talk. Your name does say 360 nation.... This pod cast is more for people that own playstation and xbox..


its nice to see non-xbot biased xbox podcast out there, good job guys
It's refreshing to finally find a 360 podcast that isn't full of biased "Xbots" that bash the competition for no apparent reason. These guys seem like gamers, plain and simple. No ridiculous console war junk. Sure, they talk a little about non-360 systems (mostly Playstation), but why is it a bad thing to hear what people play on the other systems? They still talk 90% Xbox anyway and have some good insights. Love the podcast so far guys, keep up the great work!
Thank god, a 360 podcast free of Xbots. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!
This is a very good podcast in it's infancy. Even though i am not a Xbox owner i have enjoyed the podcast's and look forward to future episodes. Justin & Josh keep up the good work!!
Great podcast for any gamer, I would recommend this podcast to any person who wants to listen to news, ideas and opinions about different gaming subjects, I listened to the first episode and I absolutely love it.