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Great concept! I love these kind of podcasts. Some of your analysis is a bit off. This may be caused by not giving all of the sensible continuations. Thanks for the vids. ;)


Good podcast, it'd be nice if it were a little louder- Its hard to hear on my iTouch without headphones at full volume.
I would very much like hear some of your idea and analysis on the (poison pawn) senario!
These podcasts have been useful to me as an alternate way of learning from books. I have found that Michael's presentation and clear use of visual diagrams helps reinforce some important concepts that I have encountered in books. He also covers newer ideas and concepts that I have not found in books. It has been an entertaining way to learn. His level of description seems perfect for an intermediate or occasional player such as myself. I am personally interested in how to most efficiently train myself to find "forcing moves" or combinations. I often have to stare at the board for long periods of time before I can see whether a combination exists. Apparently Blackburne was famous for being able to find unusual sacrificial moves leading to checkmate. I wonder if it is possible to improve this skill in a time-efficient manner. I also wanted to point out that sometimes the podcast description field in iTunes sometimes contains strange markup/formatting text; I wasn't sure if this was intentional.