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And a growing network of contacts in independent punk/pop/psych so that his reach is even wider than the last time I reviewed a year back. And I love that he's not afraid, very occasionally, to play a band like Spoon. But mostly it's small independent bands rocking because they enjoy it, or inevitably, because they couldn't stop it if they tried. PB is the master sommelier of independent rock.
If you like Serial Podcast, you will love The Unblinking Ear.
Let Paul be the Cyrano de Bergerac of your mixtape. Impress your Roxane with his choice selections, all the while passing them off as your own musical acumen and reaping the benefits. The Unblinking Ear podcast worked for me.
Somehow my review above is three stars when it should have been five. As far as I can tell, no way to edit or delete once the review finally appears. Holy crap this interface is lousy. Five star podcast all the way, though.
i never miss a cast, it's where I get all my new music from!
If you like musicians/ bands like Ty Segall, Savages, Eddie Suppression Ring, and 100's of bands that you've never heard of but are just as awesome from the present all the way back to classic 77' style punk this is for you. Paul does 2 intermissions when he tells you what you've been listening to, gives a little release info and background on the bands. Always positive with a wry sense of humor. Never pedantic. It's the best. Thanks Paul!
Great mix of off the beaten path pop rock punk.
The format is really simple. Two blocks of five to six songs, followed by a break down of everything you just heard, how to find it, and one bonus song to end the set. So what's so special about this podcast? It's almost four years worth of outstanding back logged punk/garage/indie gems. Paul Bruno manages to every time find some new band or old one from his massively extensive record collection that you want to check out and get their entire discography. It maybe simple, but it works so well, and is always top quality.


By Wretly
It is good but screw you all the way to hell for insulting Paul F. Tompkins!!!!
There, I said it so you don't have to.
The Unblinking Ear proves its worth episode after episode by entertaining my ears with a tantalizing mix of bands I already have quite a bit of adoration for with bands I have to carefully listen to in order to learn the band name, track and recording. Listening is at times good for the stroking of my musical ego, but mostly it's a gentle prodding toward deeper exploration into the ever widening world of music past and present that would sadly be even less appreciated if not for the devoted unblinking ears of Paul Bruno.