Reviews For Clintcast

I don't know of anyone that can get to the core of the issue and provide simple but effective straties to use. Please keep investing in us!!!
Absolutely awsome. I am a nursing home administrator and I can use all the help I can get. Thanks for the help Clint.
Healthcare workers of ANY position, from the top admin to the bottom staff member, need to listen to what Clint Maun has to share in this podcast!!! These ideas and techniques can change heathcare for the better from within!
Clintcast is that rare gem found on iTunes that is just 10 minutes of nothing but useful information. People in the health care business in particular need to be regular listeners and put into practice some of the innovative techniques Clint discusses. This man knows exactly what he is talking about.
I've heard Clint Maun in person at my facililty and having him online now is awesome! He has tons of great ideas and techniques for helping facilities to function better and to provide better care to our patients/residents. Thanks Clint for sending these gems out on the internet! We really appreciate it!'s great to be able to listen to you at home at anytime. Great ideas that I can use right away. Keep it up and I am going to tell everyone at work.
Intelligent, information packed and a great blend of passion, humor to boot. I love it. Keep it coming Clint !!!!
This is really helping us at our office - we love Clint thanks for putting this out there.
Excellent blend of information, advice, humor and real-world ideas that can be used in real-world ways! All in under 15 minutes - Thanks for sharing these daily gems!