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I’m still giving it five stars despite this guy Carson.
Here's a rare movie review show where the hosts don't neatly fit into either of the regular categories of 1) pretentious snobby mainstream critic, 2) or ranting fanboy. That's much appreciated when the aforementioned types dominate the landscape of movie podcasts and the bandwagoning effect is so strong within each of the two groups (mainstream critic & fanboys). I like that the hosts of this show just seem to genuinely love movies and subscribe to nobody's tastes but their own, not stick to the popularly mandated views on how you're supposed to feel about certain movies. Personally, I actually don't even quite share the same tastes in movies as any of these guys, but their opinions get my respect, even when I disagree with them, because they almost always have well thought-out reasoning for all their views, and never devolving into angry rants, like they do on too many other podcasts. Of the three most regular hosts, Carson is my personal favorite, for not being afraid to go against the mainstream views, not afraid to love movies that others hate, not afraid to knock overrated movies down a few pegs. But they're all generally smart and amusing to listen to. I can't say the show's not entirely without flaws. If I had to complain about anything, it's that each of the hosts have their own weird hangups about movies that can get just a little annoying sometimes, such as Chris's tendency to nitpick what often feels like the most insignificant points, or Carson's habit of seemingly never being satisfied with the quality of CGI in blockbusters. Also, the spoiler-free segment of the show seems unnecessary, since their discussion always goes into such detail and depth anyway, even in the no-spoilers segment that, really, they might as well just make the whole show a spoiler show. Highlights: In the middle of the Logan review, Carson weirdly branches into a tangent on his conspiracy theories regarding modern children vs children in the past, descending into one of the most bizarre discussions I've ever heard. What on Earth is he talking about? You have to hear it to know what I mean. I've been a listener for over a year and will continue to listen, because this is a good show.
If your looking for smart and mature reviews on movies this is not for you ! They sound like a bunch of frat boys who need to mix it up sounding all the same.
I've listened to this show about a dozen times but had to stop. Although it's well made, it needs new hosts. Two of the guys are good speakers, but I get the feeling they haven't seen anything released before the year 2000. The third guy clearly knows way, way more about movies, but isn't very articulate. Two hacks and one idiot savant make for a hard pass.
I gave these guys an honest try, but when I listened to the Captain America: Winter Soldier Podcast they spent about a half hour talking about freaking David Letterman retiring before they got to the movie. Some of the thoughts are interesting if they didn't repeat them so much, but stick to the movie or keep the extraneous talk short.
One of the best (and funniest) film review podcasts out there.
I used to really love the podcast alot when i first heard it years ago but in recent months i've lost some of my interest. Its mainly because of how obviously contrarian Carson Patrick has been. Any movie that is praised by most fans and critics alike, he finds some way to crap all over it. Yet he will priaise a mediocre film like Need for Speed, over the recent Fast & Furious films. I'm also not that fond of the new addition of Stephen Miller. He just comes across as WAY too pretentious at times. To the point where i find myself rolling my eyes when he speaks. Christopher Schnese is still as entertaining as he has always been and i'm glad hes the main host to attempt to balance out the other mediocrity.
This Podcast is awesome, I check it out every week. The website is great too.
I enjoy listening to this podcast but I wish the main host wouldn't let the co-host go on and on with crutch-word filled monologues. It's like it's a contest to see how many times he can say "you know" and "like". But overall I still like the podcast so I give it a solid three stars. Cheers
The best part about this pod cast is you can skip through the crap with chapter like stops on your ipod. there is no energy in the pod cast. and the cast with dan kidder guest OMG reminds me of the sat night live skit with the church women radio show . and mabye you hope for alec baldwin to bring his "shweaty balls " commit so you can at least get a laugh. ...........the casts with carson patrick was ok.
This is a great podcast, despite the hosts massive homophobia ( refusing to give chick flicks a fair shot )
Clever and Funny. Not just a good review of the movies but fun review of trailers and news on movies in production. I love their analysis of the art of movie making as well as their opinions on the entertainment value of each movie.
I find spoiler filled movie discussion is the best. this delivers.
cured my cancer! Worth all five stars.
funny, informative, well produced... this is a must listen with quality content easily on par with ylnt and the various twit series... fantastic job guys, looking forward to the next episode...