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Okay, to those that might have left "1-star" reviews, if you've got 40 years of experience and you're all knowledgable I guess you don't need to listen to this show (why would you be listening to a show if you're that informed already? Dunno). But, if you're the casual beer enthusiast that wants to learn more about beers or about specific beers then subscribe. I've had Mike on our show (everydaydrinkers) and he always brings great knowledge, incite and, most of all, opinions that are helpful to those trying to select their next brew. My only suggestion: Bring more passion and enthusism, get excited and yell a bit :) I may go over the top in that area, but I think the only void in the show is the power and potency of the spoken word. Bring the energy! BAM!
I literally stopped at a liquor store on my way home from work while listening to the podcast so I could try the beer being reviewed in the Oktoberfest episode.
Shawn & Mike are great guys and have a excellent podcast here. It's hard not to walk away from each episode without learning something or without wanting to try what they have been drinking.
With the plethora of beer podcasts out there, stay away from this one. The speakers are dull and boring and it feels scripted. They lead on to have a knowledge of beer but it becomes quickly apparent they do not. I have been drinking beer from around the world for 40 years and this podcast does not do justice to any beer. To sum up, if you are a college drinker and need something to fall asleep to, this may work, everyone else stay away.
This Podcast is a great way to start learning about Beer tasting and consumption. Most of my friends like hearing about the new beer(s) discussed each week. I enjoy the educational topics given on the side, eg: methods of pouring, ways for tasting, causes of skunking. Whichever aspect you like, it is a well produced Podcast.