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I was busy loving the amazing podcasts, until this happened - Unable to Subscribe The provided link is not a valid Podcast. (when I click on Subscribe on an Iphone) Through the client I use (Podbox) it says “Not Available” below the podcast name. (everything is all right with the rest, tried restarting everything already) I put the 1 star just so you hopefully notice sooner. Hopefully for all of us. Thank you for your vibes. Andrey
I started listening to the Monocle weekly on a whim way back before the magazine was launched almost 2 + years ago and have been a big fan ever since. Brule and company really know how to blend stories you would never hear about in your conventional weekly news podcast with great cultural stories (Art, music, fashion etc). It's quite refreshing to listen to. At times it does seem to reek of "upper crust" New Yorker magazine like pomp but that's the fun in listening to it. I've only read the magazine once (about $12.00 an issue here in the States) but it' seems that the early poscasts really set the tone of what the magazine was going to be all about. I've since bought their "official" app and use it quite often. For U.S. listeners it's not very U.S. centric, which is either a good or bad thing depending on the listener.
Learned so much listening to these podcasts. From opinions of people on the ground in the Middle East, Japan and Korea, to new artists like Quiet Nights Orchestra, authors, businessmen and women. Its a perfect complement to my FT Weekend. I miss the 2hour format.
The Monocle Weekly is a fine audio summary of what the editors at Monocle have worked on from issue to issue as well as current global events with some commentary and humor. The speaking parts are dotted with contemporary music from global artists that may or may not be considered "pop". My only complaint is that the audio mixing is horrendous. Often, the speaking parts are soft and at times, distant sounding, then all of a sudden if someone makes a funny comment the editors will have a laugh that suddenly spikes the audio super loud. Listening to the podcast with quality earbuds in public usually means my volume is turned up so I can hear what the editors are saying then I end up going deaf because of the really loud parts that are generally unnecessary because it's usually just laughing.
Monocle Weekly had a solid spot in my week until the new format. I realize I haven't listened to an episode in eleven weeks. I find the format too long to commit time to during my day. The informing segments seem too sparse and my attention drifts. I'm still a subscriber.
Good variety of stories
This has been my Sunday morning/midday ritual for some time. I love the cheeky gentleman banter, and the excellent dose of news & culture delivered with a light tone. As other reviewers, I preferred the hour-long segment. At two hours , the pace & curation quality suffers; the interviews drag on a bit too long. Otherwise a gem and a weekly delight for your weekends.
The switch to Monocle 24 has unfortunately lowered the audio quality on this show as well as all the other Monocle 24 shows. The Weekly is still a must-listen, but listening is a bit of a strain. Hopefully the engineers in Midori House can get it together so these podcasts don't sound so amateur.
iTunes reports the podcast url does not work. The auto subscription is not working. Please fix. I hate to manually download the episode.
Each podcast is just like the print magazine: equal parts style and substance wrapped in a tastefully understated package. I look forward to the wide range of topics from a truly international and unapologetically intellectual perspective.
Great content with international reach and insight. A bit Asia rich and US light which is a blessing and slightly off-kilter. More Africa, Australia, Latin and India needed. Brilliant conversations on media minus Hollywood influence which is refreshing. Humor of hosts at times can be bawdy, relentless and self-absorbed but remains the only downside I find after consuming 93 of these podcasts. Enjoy.
Smug banality from dull cosmopolitans. Yeesh, that was bad.
Monocle offers a refreshing change of pace from both the typical podcast and the typical news outlet. Professionally produced and edited, Monocle is a delight to the ears. The staff are intelligent, articulate, and well informed. Your given a true global perspective on major news trends and culture. The reporting is insightful and engaging. A weekly must listen to podcast.
An intelligent, wide ranging podcast that covers fascinating stories in business, travel and the arts in a smart, insightful yet casual manner. One of the best additions I've made to my podcast subscriptions.
I love this magazine (subscriber) I was buying the magazine for months, but felt like I should support more so I paid more for the subscription. The podcast is a great compliment. I hope more people listen to the podcast and read the magazine, better than 90% of the magazines/podcasts out there
love the magazine, love the podcast too.
The immigrants in "Gran Torino" are not Korean. The Hmongs are primarily Vietnameses/Chinese or even from Laos. But definitely not from Korea.
I think the fundamental of any chat, whether it be with one's friend or strictly as an outsider for a podcast, is two-fold: content, and delivery. Whether you had previously heard of Monocle Magazine or not (I had not) you cannot discount the wide spectrum of intriguing content delivered by The Monocle Weekly. From there, the players, led by Tyler Brule, are articulate, witty, involved, and fast-paced. One gets the sense that if one had a manner through which to add one's thoughts in the conversation, the gang would listen with welcome ears. A great subscription. 'Very pleased to have found this. Oh, and I really dig the music in between subjects!
Listening to the first episode of this new series from Monocle magazine has been an insightful half an hour. The first episode not only covers the upcoming trends in various fields of arts, but it also contatined substantial amount of political coverage, to bit of my surprise. As a frequent reader of the magazine (not a subscriber yet though, sorry), I am happy see that Monocle is broadening its reporting on variety of issues using different mediums of communication.
I'm an avid reader of Monocle and was pleasantly surprised to find this new podcast. Nice. A smart insightful conversation of editors and decision-makers on a variety of current event and cultural topics. I just wish the conversation had continued. I would have enjoyed a second half hour during my daily reservoir walk. I'm already looking towards next week's offering.