From Israelite to Jew

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Dr. Satlow has clearly devoted years of research into this topics and his podcasts are outstanding. I wish there were some updates or new podcasts based on his new published work.
I listened to several lecturers related to the same topic and found that Satlow's lecture series and Christine Hayes' Hebrew Bible are the best - balance and direct, informative and interesting.


By Lkdy
This is a great podcast. Wonderful for me since I was just in Israel and also recently attempted to read Josephus. My only wish was to see pictures of the artifacts described. I did see some on my recent trip to the Israel museum. Thanks for making this podcast.
I found this podcast to be an excellent source of information on the various events and characters that constitute and populate the 2nd Temple Period of jewish history. The material is engaging and thought provoking. After finishing the series I feel as if I have just completed a college course given by an excellent, knowledgeable and personable instructor. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the various influences on both the Old and New Testaments, as well as those who are curious about the role religion played in the ancient world and how religions develop within social environments in general. Mr. Satlow does a superb job.
I find this podcast very interesting and captivating.
Dr. Satlow's descriptions of Israelite history are descriptive, captivating, and have an underlying dry humor.