Rick Steves' Iran

Reviews For Rick Steves' Iran

Exceptional travel journalism. Very well done and mindful of Iranian traditions. Documenting this illustrious country can be a slippery-slope at times. It's important for people to know the great scale of Iranian contributions to the world since the beginning of time. This didn't need to be political and it wasn't, it was merely outlined for viewer enlightenment.
Great movie thanks as you see beautiful country, hospitable and friendly people but the worst posible goverment on earth, Please do not judge the book by it's cover:)
FIrst, what this is not. It is not a political treatise of any kind. Rick Steeves does what he always does, travel journalism. He shows us what it is like to be a visitor in the country. He meets the people, sees the sights, eats the food. It is incredible thing and so different from what both governments would have us believe. You need to watch this!
This was a really nice work. In today's US politics when the media is trying to present Iran as an "axis of evil", it is nice to see Mr Stevens show the true face of Iran & Iranians.
Rick Steves does an admirable job navigating the cultural and political minefield that this topic presents. This is truly citizen diplomacy, featuring real conversations with real people, as well as a noble effort to offer insight into the history and culture of Iran. This feels more like a real country than anything I've seen on news programs, which only want to present conflict. Well worth watching!
Great programm and oustanding production. Mr. Steve goes into the heart of the Iranian people, its culture, its geography and its soul. Hopefully there will be more of these educational programms to enlighten the world about the Iranian culture and its people. Thank you Rick
Thanks very much to PBS and Rick Steves this bring lots memory back to me. Please continue.
I enjoyed watching this very much and love to see more. I haven't been back to Iran since I came here and this was definitely a nice piece to see.