Reviews For Harmonica licks Podcast - Blues harmonica lessons from the Don - Elevator Blues

True, not lessons, but these are some great short pieces worth listening to. They'd deserve a 4 star rating if only they were not mislabled.
This podcast is a distraction for all those beginning harp players who are looking for a good podcast on harmonica lessons! Do not waste your time here. If you are looking for some good blues harp lessons go to YOU TUBE!
The podcast is produced in an interesting fashion with a bit of a vintage vibe to it. These podcasts aren't really LESSONS. There is a few small bit of information inserted here and there but these aren't really lessons. This is more just watching a good harmonica player show his skills off in various locations (including one episode on the toilet!). Overall, not bad but not really great either. Interesting enough to view for a few minutes of spare time. Definitely NOT a "must see".