Northern Colorado Cowboy Church

Reviews For Northern Colorado Cowboy Church

So blessed to find a church that is so welcoming. I felt at home and welcomed from the very beginning. Although my schedule doesn't allow much time off, I'm still able to receive the Word through podcasts. I am truly grateful. Thank you.
I first attended Northern Colorado Cowboy Church on 10/10/10,my experience was awesome. I have been surching for a church for a while now and I have come to the conclusion that I do not have to surch anymore!! Pastor Darin is awesome and preaches from the heart and by the Bible. If you are looking for a warmfelt place that you can experience the word of God and feel like your home with family and friends.Then this is the place for you!Thank You Pastor Darin I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!!
Pastors Darin & Lynette shoot from the hip and deliver The Word straight out of the Holy Bible. I am proud to say that Northern Colorado Cowboy Church is my home church, and I have been empowered by the Word ever since a small handful of us gathered twice a week in a barn to receive their message. My family has been blessed with their combined ministry. They speak in a plain, heartfelt, and spiritfilled language, and will enlighten your week.