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Reviews For The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

If you're a Hal Jordan fan, skip this entirely. Should be renamed the Kyle Rayner fan cast. Brandan and Eric often make interesting points, but it's impossible to get over the blatant Hal hating (though they deny they do this).
I'm a newer GL fan and was hoping to find a great show to listen to and this one showed up first in my search. Like a lot of other people I don't like all the negativity that comes out of it - I'd rather listen to something that is a little more uplifting so I'll get my fix somewhere else.
As a fan of the green lantern universe its kind of annoying just to hear them constantly complain about how much they hate every book. I think most fans dont want to hear all the negativity and if you hate green lantern then you wouldnt be listening to this podcast anyway. So im not exactly sure who this podcast is for. There are a few of the hosts that are not misarable people but they tend to get drowned out. I gave this podcast probably about 4 months but i think i have had my fill. I think the best thing i got from the podcast was the song Ring Capacity.
The quality of this podcast is subpar. Technical issues aside, the personalities are exactly what you hope not to hear from a comic podcast. Not one of them have a redeeming quality about them. Its 45 minutes of put downs, gay jokes, racial slurs and Geoff Johns rants. I do not mind a critical thought, but its basically a high school gym room argument.
They don't know nothing about gl
OK. I'll give the podcasters credit, they backed off on the arguing and the offisive language (a least GD and JC weren't as prevalent as before, the F-bomb still abounds). But...they stopped arguing because about halfway through Blackest Night storyline (right after Ryan left, it seemed), they all turned into Fanboy Geoff Johns haters. Only Frankie and Muzard gave some positive opinions. I got tired of listening to them trashing the books they supposedly were fans of. I unsubscribed and won't be back. Check out the Lanterncast, it's much more positive towards the current direction of the GL books and the commentators actually seem to like the books their buying. See ya!
This GL podcast is full of individuals who appear to have a wealth of Green Lantern knowledge. Unfortunately, the lack of discipline is apparant as no cast member can finish his thought without being talked over by other cast members. This is not a "homer" podcast, shown by the useful constructive critism, and that is refreshing. However, one member, West, goes beyond constructive critism and seems to relish in typical fanboy hating. (REVISED: After this review I returned to listen to a few more episodes. While my critism of West is still valid, I have found that this podcast has declined into almost all the members becoming whining, hating fanboys. My advise is to stay away from this podcast.)
This podcast is plagued by too many hosts who talk over each other. Their major focus seems to be their dislike of the current state and direction of the Green Lantern comics. They may have some knowledge of comics, but its hard to tell between the far too many hosts and all of the hate and vitriol the throw at the current comics.
The content is (mostly) great! All things Green Lantern (and GL related). That said Kuhan and Mew are immature and annoying (mostly Kuhan). I find myself skipping through portions of the podcast to get past silly crap and folks talking over each other. Other than that it's good stuff.
If i had heard this podcast before reading my first green lantern issue i would have killed myself. This is horrible. The humor is horrible. The fact that the host wanted megan fox to play Carrol Ferris made me lose all respect for the host. It's casting like that, that ruins so many movie. Kick Rocks!
This show is fantastic. Indepth discussions of one of my favorite comic book character's (GL Kyle Rayner) and his supporting cast. The only thing that could make this podcast better is if they stopped forcing some jokes and laid off the in-fighting for the sake of fighting. Otherwise, the interviews are fantastic and when working together, the cast is funny and entertaining.
I've been a fan of GL for over 30 years. These podcasts are great!
Hey guys. Just finished up the second episode and I am now downloading the third. You guys are all great and really know your stuff. Dude Kuhan you crack me up. The only thing keeping this from getting 5 stars is that the audio comes off rather static-y sometimes and some people are too low to hear while others blow out my ear drums when they speak cause my volume is up high to hear the low speakers. Other than that this is a great podcast. Glad I found this via the Green Lantern Boards. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
Definitely check out the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast! Episode 1 was so fun and it's definitely worth your time! Can't wait for the next episode!
GL Spotlight Podcast does a terrific job of reviewing every major Green Lantern storyline in recent years. Host Ryan Read and Kuhan both hold their own when it comes to wittyness. If you have ever chatted about Green Lantern before, this is feel like home to you. Admittedly, there is a small technical problem within the first segment, but they quickly smooth it and continue to put on a fantastic show. Over an hour worth of Green Lantern! What more could you ask for?