Reviews For SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Chris & Matt, host of the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing podcast, highlights all aspects of internet marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I gave up 5 minutes in. As marketers you should know you have 20 seconds at best to hook a listener. I don’t have time to listen to the chitchat. Take a look at the title of your show. Edit out everything that doesn’t directly reference it.
Don’t bore us. Get to the chorus. You guys ramble. A lot. I’m a busy person. Don’t waste my time selling me on your stuff every five seconds for the first ten minutes. Give me some meat and potatoes. If you prove your value, I’ll be willing to listen to the pitch later in the show.
Been building my website for a few months and I listen to these guys as often as possible. They really are the best SEO Podcast. Here’s how I know why. Last week, I officially caught up with all their episodes. My first thought: “No big deal. I want to keep learning about SEO, I’ll just go find another podcast.” I’ve since spent a week searching for something, anything, that’s really worth while, but so far I can’t find any of the content I’m looking for. Either it’s a million times too basic for me, or it’s from a podcast that’s just talking to experts about their growth rather than giving actual tricks I can use in my next piece of content. Seriously team, if you’re trying to figure out how to get your content to rank, this is the podcast to listen to. As for me, I’ll just have to wait for the next great listen. Guess I’ll just go write some blog articles to pass the time. Punch in the face to you guys!
You read the title - going for it, the star casual talk and at some point 5-10 minutes i to it the touch on the issue then back to talking and laughing. Please respect listeners time. Go directly to the topic. I had 30 minutes only the other day tried to listen to learn more about Google Algorithm updates... Wasted my time listening your podcast. I get it you have a laid back style but keep it to a very very minimum. People have very little time and wasting it is not always what they are after. See how Tim Berglund does his kafka podcast. Out of your 3 podcast i listened to - almost all coukd fit into 5 minute briefs that related to the topic - the rest is unrelated talk.
Nothing but self promotion. Literally added no value. I’m sorry because I want to like this show.
Tactical SEO strategies and an entertaining duo. Keep up the great work fellas!
Just one big infomercial and nothing different than just reading the public announcement Google or other Platforms put out about SEO. This is the second time trying to get some value from these guys and the new episodes are worse than the older episodes. Sorry guys. Gave it a try, again. Have to have more valued content for your consumers not just have a podcast to podcast. They seem knowledgeable in their area of expertise but they sure don’t share any expertise information or even mediocre information. Hopefully they will take this to heart and improve on their content.
Thanks for all the tips you content is great !
Hello there! I have a podcast too and I’m trying to figure out how to better use SEO to promote it. I found your podcast this morning and I’ve already listen to three episodes! This has tremendously helped me strategize what I need to do next so thank you very much! Jenny - Beer Talk Radio


This is the best SEO podcast on the internet. We constantly review SEO podcasts and Chris and Matt's podcast is by far our favorite. We appreciate the user-generated questions and honest opinions. Your business will improve by being a regular listener.
A client of mine needs additional input on their SEO - I’m VERY glad I discovered this podcast! I’ve already been able to raise my game after three shows. Chris and Matt have deep experience and they share it generously. Sometimes they move a little too quickly and don’t fully define the terms they’re throwing around, but that’s the only critique. Very informative, not at all boring - this podcast is time well spent. I’m excited to check out the back catalog of podcasts and see what else is in there. Thanks to you both! — David
I’m a Young Digital Marketer tuning my own agency in Scottsdale, AZ. It was great meeting the team in Houston Area, anyone looking for relevant Internet Marketing Strategies and reinforcement tips, this podcast is for you. Quick Question: What industry are most of your SEO clients in? I hope you see this message and take care. Thanks.
These guys are great, I stumbled upon them as I was searching for an SEO-focused podcast. There is a lot of banter, but the hosts are entertaining and can pull it off. I would definitely recommend to agencies, freelancers, and businesses looking to evaluate their efforts/ agency results. I focus on niches of information technology and food media marketing, 90% of the episodes have tips I can apply to both these verticals. Something for everyone 😎 Thanks! Adriana Dikih
I just listen to two podcasts, and I basically got a giant infomercial with very little actionable content.
Good Podcast, but they spend way too much time in the intro before getting to the meat. The song in the Outro is not only terrible (like fingernails on a chalkboard), but also way too long. Please be considerate of those that listen while working out and can’t skip forward.
This has been incredibly valuable to me as a digital marketer/advertiser. I'll admit that my SEO skills are lacking compared to paid efforts (SEM, social, etc, and this podcast has provided me with a ton of (Free) knowledge and additional resources. So thank you.
I felt like I had to listen to a lot of BS that I could easily read off the internet in less time. No real meat. This is for people deep into SEO not newbies.
Just started my own Local SEO biz and stumbled across your Podcast. Love it! Have been listening to 2-3 episodes/day, taking notes and hopefully will get thru all 450+ episodes eventually. Love the sources that you guys credit so I can go take a look at that info- and it’s pretty selfless as well :). Keep up the great show (and the fun cheesy little schticks- is your Shicos and misc Sounders ;)
I was hired as a Graphic Designer, was made Marketing Manager, and now I'm making/running 3 websites. GAH! I'm so very glad I found your podcast. I'll definitly Follow, Like, & Comment (FOLICOM -ha!) wherever I find you on the web. Keep that golden advice flowing forth, fellow Houstonians!
This is an incredible help and resource. After recently finding this podcast, I have listened to shows dating many months prior. I handle the SEO and SEM for a home-improvement company and it’s help me generate more leads
Hey guys! Keep up the good work. I like the casual approach and expertise. Very enjoyable to listen to. One point of improvement would be audio, voices are not the same volume and the music is then, inherently even, too loud in comparison. You guys are worth it! Upgrade your audio!
I absolutely love listening to this podcast, as it's the perfect combination of fun and seriousness. The 30 minutes of each episode is more than enough time to get some really in-depth insights into the top SEO tactics and methods for internet marketing success. 10/10 would recommend.
Matt and Chris' interviews are concise and compelling - truly allowing the listener in on what feels like a personal conversation with some of the most successful minds in SEO. Absolutely recommend listening and subscribing to SEO Podcast - Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing!
Hey guys, love the podcast. Listening in my car I can barely hear one of you, but Chris is very loud. Good michs are cheap and I think would help you guys a lot.
I've been listening to this show for a couple of years and they put out some great information. Just need to hit my 30 second advance button 7 or 8 times to get straight to the "meat". But still the best SEO show out there.
Matt, Chris and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the coming SEO & Content Marketing trends and absolute best tactics to help you effectively grow your business without breaking the bank. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the SEO Podcast - Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Charles was the subject matter expert with personality that made the show worth a listen. Unfortunately Matt doesn’t fill those shoes yet from the personality side. Technical aptitude misses the mark in comparison but still better than Chris. I’d stick around but I cannot stand the smugness of Chris. Seems unprepared for the most episodes as of late. Might be that he doesn’t have Charles to bail him out when he needs it.
I’ve tried listening to 3 or 4 of these now and the info about SEO is valuable, but why is there so much garbage for the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes? Launching? Giggling? “Punch in the face”? This would be a valuable podcast to listen to if these guys would just act professional.
These guys giggle and chat the whole show - at least half the show is BS


I’m sorry but I came here to learn about marketing and not to hear about all the outlets you guys are on. For 10 minutes straight on the first podcast I decide to listen to, they go on and on about leaving them a review and checking them out on other social medias. Very irritating.


Why do they say "punch to the face"?! Completely stupid...
Although they "only review" articles from others, I have learned more about SEO, internet marketing and content development from these guys than anywhere else. Their discussion, analysis, and agreement or disagreement with said content is extremely informative and enjoyable to listen to - which if you have listened to any other SEO podcast out there you realize how hard it is to find enjoyable content. My only complaint is the same complaint as just about every other complaint I have seen out there and that is that the first 10-12 minutes can be a little painful and tough to get through at times. I enjoy the news, I enjoy the "algo cats", but the amount of time spent explaining how to review, where to find them online, why I have a teardrop tattoo, how to get a free web consultation (which I am doing by the way), can be a little much. I'm still going to give it 5 stars because the meat of the show is off the chain, but come one guys - its an SEO podcast for crying outloud, everyone listening that wants to find you can and will find you without having "slash ewebresults" shoved down their throat for 5 minutes straight.
Decided to give this podcast a try. I made it half-way through the first episode I downloaded (369) and still had zero content about the topic. Complete waste of time podcast ...
I've been looking for ways to improve my SEO/PPC skills. I usually don't have time to read, but I can always listen to something while I'm doing my work. Glad I found you guys! Great information and very entertaining. You guys earned another subscriber!
I've been listening to your podcast for a couple years now and still get excited when a new episode comes out. Thank you for making online marketing fun and easy to understand. Double punch to the face to both of you! Take care!
Leavin yall reviews all over the place, so a big punch in the face to me, lol. Keep up the great work guys.
I've been in the SEO field for 10 years and an agency owner for four of them. This podcast is great because they cover the latest topics and updates in the field, while also bringing humor and insights. I find myself using Evernote to save some of the best nuggets for follow-up actions. Carlton Smith Flagstone Search Marketing in Birmingham, Ala. Roll Tide, y'all
Coming from a non-marketing, engineer, thank you for keeping it clear and concise with a side of funny. I can speak more confidently when marketing topics come up. Looking forward to the website profit analysis. ✋️⭐️s
I want to punch Chris and Charles in the face. For real. These guys are probably my favorite podcast in regards to marketing/design. There is enough comical substance not to make the podcast monotonous and bland. The potatoes also break up the monotony, especially for me, as I listen to a number of podcasts. I love the fact that there is a podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously, but still manages to be one of the most useful and knoweledgable podcasts you can find. Thanks guys.
I'm the sole marketer for a small non-profit, so I don't have a ton of time to spent catching up on the ever-changing world of SEO. Listening to this podcast every week keeps me up-to-date on the latest news, algorythm changes, and SEO best practices so I can do my job well. Thanks guys! (One thing I would like to see is how these practices can be used in different types of businesses. In many examples, Chris and Charles use the example of a plumber or AC repair business, but it would be great to hear examples of non-profits and B2B companies.)
Sat through 20 minutes of nonsense for 8 minutes of content (them commenting on an article???) and then they tried to keep me for another 5 minutes for something idk. Cut the fat. I'll circle back next month.
While I'm eagerly awaiting my "comprehensive" website analyzation, I am binge listening to you guys, my favorite dorks. In the world of SEO, there's a lot of snake oil being sold to ecommerce companies. You guys dive into each topic and help me realize what's genuine and what are just scare tactics used by the diaper puppets spamming me with their SEO propaganda. Thanks for doing what you do and taking us to SEO school. Enjoy your "5 Stars" Review. You deserve it.
Love the energy and referral to good content. Chris and Charles recap and react to a blog post, which is very helpful since this is an easier way to take in great written content. However, I wish these guys would invest in either better microphones or the time to balance and EQ the recording. It's too echoey and hard to understand. Plus, move the social media profile links and reading of reviews to the end of the show.
As a seasoned web designer with a growing interest in digital strategy, I can say that this podcast really delivers. Chris and Charles put out extremely relevant content on a consistent basis and do so in an entertaining way that keeps their audience captivated for the entire episode. Thank you, Chris and Charles, for breathing life into a topic that’s so critical to any organization with an online presence. The knowledge I’m able to pass along to my clients because of your podcast is priceless.
These guys will keep you chuckling but don't fuzz out... the pace is quick and the content rich! Plan on hitting the back button several times a program. You'll be glad you did! 🎼 FIVE starrrrrr...!
I have returned to upping my SEO game, and I am glad to hear these familiar voices. Very informative and relative.
A truly informative podcast for startups and for really any business that wants to utilize the Internet to promote their business. They are honest and upfront no sugar coating... A little/lot corny but they haven't spent any money on cool yet but that's ok
The audio could be better, but the content is great. Looking forward to snatching top positions.